Plastic Top Corks #7 Pack of 100 (25 mm x 18mm | 0.98 in x 0.71 in)

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Plastic Top Corks #7 | Efficient Sealing for Short-Term Storage

Simplify Bottling with Quick-Seal Technology

Plastic Top Corks #7 are designed for connoisseurs and producers who require a reliable, yet cost-effective sealing solution for beverages that will be consumed within two years. With dimensions of 25 mm in length and 18 mm in diameter, these corks offer a snug fit for a variety of bottlenecks, ensuring minimal moisture penetration and optimal content preservation. Crafted in Portugal, these corks are engineered for ease of use, allowing for quick insertion without compromising the seal quality. For best results, bottles sealed with these corks should be stored upright, in conditions of 15-20°C and 50-70% humidity. This pack of 100 corks is an ideal choice for short-term storage, offering both practicality and performance.

Key Features:

  • Ideal Size: With dimensions of 25 mm by 18 mm, suitable for standard bottles.
  • Quick Insertion Design: For efficient bottling and sealing.
  • Short-Term Storage: Optimized for consumption within 0 to 2 years.
  • Moisture Minimization: Helps to keep the bottleneck dry and preserve the bottle contents.
  • Storage Recommendations: Ensures the integrity of the seal under proper conditions.
  • Portuguese Manufacturing: Benefits from the high standards of Portugal's cork industry. 


Q: Are Plastic Top Corks #7 reusable? A: They are primarily intended for single use to maintain the integrity of the seal for short-term storage.

Q: Can these corks be used for carbonated drinks? A: They are designed for still beverages and may not be suitable for carbonated drinks, which typically require specific types of closures to handle pressure.

Q: What makes these corks ideal for short-term storage? A: Their design is tailored for quick sealing and short-term use, perfect for beverages that will be consumed relatively quickly.

Q: How does the plastic top benefit the user? A: It provides a firm grip for easy removal and adds a clean, polished look to the bottle.

Q: Why is it important to store bottles upright with these corks? A: Upright storage prevents the liquid from interacting with the cork, which is essential for maintaining the flavor profile of the beverage during short-term storage.

Q: Is the quality of Portuguese-made corks reflected in this product? A: Yes, Portugal's renowned cork industry ensures that even their simple sealing solutions, like these Plastic Top Corks, meet high quality and performance standards.

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