Tapered Cork #0 - 100 Per Pack (13x09x07 mm)

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Keep It Fresh, Keep It Sealed 

Secure your winemaking, home brewing, or crafting projects with our #0 Tapered Corks. Available in a 100-pack, these high-quality, naturally elastic corks offer unmatched sealing across many applications. Tailored for those who value the integrity of their creations, these corks are your cut-to-fit, multi-use solution.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 13x09x07 mm | 0.51x0.35x0.28 in | 33/64x9/32x9/32 in
  • Craft and Homebrew Ready: Engineered for optimum performance in winemaking, homebrewing, and craft projects.
  • Superior Material: Composed of naturally elastic, high-grade cork, ensuring a tight, reliable seal.
  • Customizable: Cut-to-fit design for easy adjustments and personalized sealing.
  • Bulk Supply: Comes in a pack of 100, making it perfect for larger ventures or long-term use.


Q: What are the dimensions of these corks?
A: These corks have dimensions of 13x09x07 mm, or 0.51"/0.35"/0.27" (33/64"/9/32"/17/64"), offering a versatile fit for various bottle or jar openings.

Q: How many corks are in one pack?
A: One pack contains 100 corks, ideal for tackling numerous projects or for sustained use.

Q: Can these corks be used for both homebrewing and winemaking?
A: The natural elasticity and high-quality material make these corks suitable for homebrewing and winemaking.

Q: Are these corks customizable?
A: Indeed, the corks come with a cut-to-fit design, allowing straightforward customization to meet your needs.

Q: What other purposes can these corks serve?
A: Apart from bottle sealing, these corks are useful in crafting, laboratory applications, and food packaging, as well as gap-filling in walls and ceilings.

Q: Where is the material for these corks sourced?
A: While inspired by the craftsmanship often found in Portugal, these corks do not claim to originate from any specific region.

Experience uncompromised sealing quality with our #0 Tapered Corks. Designed for diverse applications, this 100-pack meets your sealing needs with unparalleled efficiency, adaptability, and reliability. Ideal for winemaking, homebrewing, and crafting, these corks offer you the sealing solution you've been searching for.


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