Tapered Cork #13 - 10 per Pack (32x30x24 mm)

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Seal Your Creations with Confidence

Unlock the true potential of your homebrew, winemaking, and craft-making projects with our Premium Tapered Corks #13. Tailor-made for aficionados like you, these corks offer unmatched sealing performance without compromising quality.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 32x30x24 mm | 1.26x1.18x0.94 in | 1-17/64x1-3/16x15/16 in
  • Natural Elasticity: Delivers a snug, dependable seal for all your projects.
  • Pack of 10: Perfectly suited for both small batch and ongoing operations.
  • Easily Customizable: Designed for effortless size adjustments to fit your specific needs.
  • Multi-Functional: Beyond bottles—ideal for lab use, arts and crafts, and home repairs.


Q: What are the dimensions of these #13 Tapered Corks?

A: The Premium Tapered Corks #13 have dimensions of 32x30x24, making them versatile for multiple sealing applications.

Q: How many corks are in one package?

A: Each package includes ten premium corks designed to fit the needs of small to medium-scale projects.

Q: Can these corks be cut or adjusted for different bottle sizes?

A: Absolutely, these corks can be customized easily to fit a range of different bottle and container dimensions.

Q: Are these corks long-lasting for wine or homebrew storage?

A: The natural elasticity ensures a lasting, secure seal for long-term storage.

Q: What other applications are these corks good for?

A: These corks serve various roles, from laboratory applications to arts and crafts projects and even minor home repairs.

Q: Where do these corks come from? 

A: The corks are crafted to high-quality standards, drawing upon sealing traditions worldwide, without claiming to originate from any specific region.

Invest in Premium Tapered Corks #13 and give your crafts, brews, and wines the high-quality seal they deserve.

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