Tapered Cork #16 - 3/8 Bored Hole - 10 per Pack (38x35x29 mm)

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Secure Your Creations With Confidence

Designed to cater to the needs of homebrewers, craft enthusiasts, and winemakers, our Tapered Cork 3/8 Bored Hole 10-Pack offers unmatched sealing capabilities. Its 38x35x29 dimensions are specifically engineered to handle a multitude of sealing needs. From protecting your latest homebrew to sealing your art projects, this is the sealing solution you've been searching for.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 38x35x29 mm | 1.50x1.38x1.14 in | 1-1/2x1-3/8x1-9/64 in
  • Exceptional Elasticity: Guarantees airtight sealing for long-lasting freshness and flavour preservation.
  • 3/8 Bored Hole: Tailored for ease of use and convenient insertion.
  • 10-Pack: Perfect quantity for small-to-medium projects, sparing you from frequent repurchasing.
  • Diverse Applications: Useful beyond bottling—also perfect for crafts, lab work, and household fixes.


Q: What are the precise measurements of this cork?

A: The Tapered Cork comes in dimensions of 38x35x29, making it versatile for numerous applications.

Q: How easy is it to insert these corks?

A: The 3/8 bored hole makes insertion straightforward and effortless.

Q: Is the 10-Pack sufficient for multiple projects?

A: Yes, the pack of 10 is designed to cover small-to-medium projects adequately.

Q: Does the cork maintain long-term freshness for liquids?

A: Absolutely; its superior elasticity ensures an airtight seal, preserving freshness and flavours over time.

Q: Can I cut or trim the cork to fit specific openings?

A: The material is easily trimmable to suit your unique requirements.

Q: Are these corks suitable for applications outside bottling?

A: Yes, these corks are versatile enough for other uses, such as crafts, lab packaging, and even minor home repairs.

Enhance your homebrewing, crafting, and winemaking projects with our Tapered Cork 3/8 Bored Hole 10-Pack. These corks offer a reliable sealing solution that ensures the longevity and quality of your creations. Secure your projects today with a sealing solution you can trust.

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