Semi Automatic Corker Part Brass Bushing (Set of 2)

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Semi-Automatic Corker Part: Brass Bushing (Set of 2) - Essential Component for Smooth Operation

The Brass Bushing set, a crucial component of the semi-automatic corker, ensures seamless and efficient corking. This set of two, made in Canada, plays a pivotal role in the machine's mechanical functionality, offering durability and precision.

Key Features:

  • Durable Brass Construction: Offers long-lasting strength and resistance to wear.
  • Precision Fit: Engineered for specific semi-automatic corkers, ensuring a perfect match.
  • Set of Two: Provides a complete replacement or backup solution.
  • Enhances Machine Efficiency: Key in maintaining the corker's smooth operation.
  • Canadian Craftsmanship: Signifies a commitment to quality and reliability.


Q: Are these brass bushings universal for all semi-automatic corkers? A: They are designed for specific models, so compatibility should be verified.

Q: How often should the brass bushings be replaced? A: It depends on usage frequency, but regular inspection for wear is recommended.

Q: Can I install the bushings myself, or do I need a professional? A: Installation can typically be done independently, but consult your corker’s manual or a professional if unsure.

Q: Do these bushings require any special maintenance? A: Regular lubrication and cleaning will extend their life and ensure optimal performance.

Q: What role do the bushings play in the corking process? A: They help maintain alignment and reduce friction, which is crucial for the machine's smooth functioning.

Incorporating the Semi-Automatic Corker Part - Brass Bushing (Set of 2) into your corking setup ensures continued efficiency and longevity. These Canadian-made components are integral to maintaining your machine’s performance, reflecting the industry's dedication to quality and precision in winemaking and brewing equipment.

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