Swing Top Cap Replacements Cap Pack of 12

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12 Swing Top Cap Replacements: Secure and Sustainable Sealing for Your Bottles

Canadian-made quality for Home Brewers and Craft Beverage Enthusiasts

Ensure your bottled creations maintain freshness and flavor with our 12 Swing Top Cap Replacements pack. These replacement caps are ideal for EZ cap bottles and are designed to provide a resealable, reusable, and recyclable sealing solution. Crafted with FDA-approved materials, each pack includes the cap, flipper, and gasket, ensuring a secure and reliable closure for your homebrewed beers, craft beverages, or other bottled concoctions. Proudly made in Canada, these swing top caps exemplify quality and durability, perfect for novice and experienced brewers who value sustainability and practicality in their bottling supplies.

Key Features:

  • Complete Set: Each pack includes the cap, flipper, and gasket for a complete replacement.
  • FDA-Approved Materials: Ensures safety and quality in every seal.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Resealable, reusable, and recyclable, supporting sustainable brewing practices.
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with EZ cap bottles and other similar swing-top bottles.
  • Canadian Craftsmanship: Reflects a commitment to quality and durability in product manufacturing.


Q: What types of bottles are these replacement caps compatible with? A: They are designed for EZ cap bottles and can fit most swing-top bottles, providing a versatile sealing option.

Q: Are the materials used for these caps safe for food and beverages? A: The caps are made from FDA-approved materials, ensuring safety and quality for food and beverage use.

Q: Can these caps be reused? A: Absolutely; these swing top caps are designed to be resealable and reusable, making them a practical choice for continuous use.

Q: How do these caps contribute to sustainability? A: Being reusable and recyclable, they align with eco-friendly practices, reducing waste in home brewing and beverage packaging.

Q: Is the quality of these caps assured? A: Yes, as a product of Canada, they are manufactured to high standards, ensuring reliability and durability in use.

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