Enolmaster 4 Head Vacuum Filling Machine

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  • The Enolmaster is a professional semi-automatic filling machine designed for edible oil producers, cellars, wine producers, and distilleries. Its compact stainless steel frame and ability to fill up to four bottles at once in seconds make it a perfect solution for these industries. With dimensions of 650 x 460 x 450 mm and a weight of 55 lbs, the machine operates on 220V-50/60Hz or 100/110V-50/60Hz and has a bottleneck inner diameter from 16-28 mm and bottle height from 180-350 mm. The no-drip system and the capacity to fill up to 600 bottles per hour make it a reliable and hygienic solution. The machine uses a vacuum system to draw liquid from the container into the bottle without going through the mechanical parts. The Enolmaster is simple to use and easy to clean, and various accessories such as Pyrex glass recovery vessels, Pyrex filter holders, nozzles spouts for miniature bottles, plastic spouts for bottles with a big mouth, stainless steel and synthetic fibre filter systems, and manifolds with 2 or 4 spouts are available to enhance its functionality. The machine is made in Italy and can customize the manifold with diverse spouts.
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