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Ease Your Brewing with the Carboy Handle - A Canadian Brewing Accessory

Safely Transport Your Carboys with Our Convenient Carboy Handle

The Carboy Handle, crafted in Canada, is an essential accessory designed to make handling glass carboys easier and safer. This practical tool is precisely engineered to be attached around the neck of an empty carboy, providing a firm grip, especially when hands are wet or slippery. It's a valuable addition for any brewer or winemaker, offering convenience in moving and managing empty carboys during brewing or winemaking. However, it's crucial to note that the Carboy Handle is intended for use only with empty carboys, as the neck of a full carboy cannot support the weight and may break if lifted by the handle alone. For transporting a full carboy, always support it from the bottom to ensure safety and prevent accidents.

Key Features:

  • Practical Design: Attaches to the neck of an empty carboy for easy handling.
  • Safety First: Intended only for empty carboys to avoid neck breakage.
  • Convenience: Ideal for moving carboys, particularly with wet hands.
  • Quality Material: Made in Canada, ensuring durability and reliability.


Q: Is the Carboy Handle adjustable for different carboy sizes? A: It's designed to fit standard carboy necks, offering versatility.

Q: How do I attach the handle to the carboy? A: It clamps around the carboy's neck, providing a secure grip.

Q: Can the handle be left on the carboy during fermentation? A: It can remain attached, but remember, it's only for moving empty carboys.

Q: Is this handle suitable for plastic carboys as well? A: It's designed primarily for glass carboys; its suitability for plastic carboys depends on their neck strength and size.

The Carboy Handle is more than just an accessory; it's necessary for enhancing safety and convenience in your brewing or winemaking process. This Canadian-made product reflects a commitment to practicality and safety in handling brewing equipment, ensuring your brewing experience is enjoyable and secure. 

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