Carboy Plastic (11.5 L | 3 gal)

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  • The Carboy Plastic is a versatile container with a capacity of 11.5 litres or 3 US gallons. Made from 100% virgin material, it is safe for use with food and drinks as it is free from BPA and other harmful chemicals. This carboy is ideal for secondary fermentations of both wine and beer and is entirely taste and odour-free, and stain-resistant. It features a smooth, rib-free design, making it easy to clean and preventing yeast and sediment buildup. The carboy is impermeable to oxygen and can be reused multiple times with proper sanitation. It is compatible with a #10 stopper and can withstand up to 15 psi of pressure. When lifting a full carboy, holding the bottom with one hand and the neck with the other is recommended to ensure safety. It should not be cleaned with water hotter than 53°C (127°F).
  • Made in Canada

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