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Effortless Fruit Juice Bottling: Enolmatic Frutta Kit

Unlock Pure Bottling Bliss 

The Enolmatic Frutta Kit a game-changer for homebrew enthusiasts and craft-makers passionate about bottling pristine fruit juices. Seamlessly paired with the Enolmatic filling machine, this kit is invaluable for preserving your handcrafted juices' essence in glass bottles. Engineered for the hot-fill processes, its spouts and tubes withstand temperatures up to 80°C. From slender to wider necks, the Frutta Kit caters to bottles ranging from 16 to 28mm in mouth width. Choose the standalone kit or opt for the integrated assembly with the Enolmatic filling machine. Experience rapid, precise filling while rest assured of the food-grade quality materials. A reflection of impeccable Italian craftsmanship.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Bottling: Suitable for glass bottles with a neck diameter of 16 to 28 mm.
  • High-Temperature Compatibility: Designed for hot-fill processes up to 80°C.
  • Food-Safe Design: Crafted using top-grade, food-safe materials.
  • Efficient Filling: Rapid and pinpoint accurate bottling capability.
  • Italian Craftsmanship: Authentic design and quality straight from Italy.


Q: Is this kit suitable for all fruit juices?
A: Absolutely! The Enolmatic Frutta Kit is designed for bottling clear fruit juices seamlessly.

Q: What temperatures can the kit handle?
A: It's engineered for hot-fill processes and can comfortably handle temperatures up to 80°C.

Q: Can I use it for both wide and narrow-necked bottles?
A: Definitely! The kit caters to bottles with mouth widths ranging from 16 to 28mm.

Q: Is the filling process quick?
A: The Frutta Kit combined with the Enolmatic filling machine ensures fast and precise filling.

Q: Are the materials safe for food products?
A: Absolutely. Every component of the Frutta Kit is made of food-grade materials, ensuring utmost safety.

Q: Is the kit available separately from the machine?
A: You can purchase the Frutta Kit standalone or opt for an integrated assembly with the Enolmatic filling machine.

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