Enolmatic 1 Head Bottle Vacuum Filling Machine

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  • The Enolmatic 1 Head Bottle Vacuum Filling Machine is a professional-grade solution for bottling wine, oil, beer, fruit juices, and other products. With a production capacity of 200 bottles per hour for wine and 150 bottles per hour for oil, it can meet the demands of small-scale production. The machine's dimensions are 200x400x400 mm, making it compact and suitable for various settings. Made in Italy, this machine is known for its ease of use, speed, and versatility. The standard Enolmatic comes with a plastic spout and food-grade silicone gaskets suitable for use with food products. Stainless steel spouts and Viton gaskets are also available for hot-fill processes or bottling alcohol and chemical products. The machine is easy to disassemble, clean, and customize, making it a reliable and hygienic choice for increasing production volume and professionalizing your product bottling process.
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