Hydro Fruit Press 20 L

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Elevate Your Juicing Experience with European Mastery, Effortless Juicing at Your Fingertips.

Introducing the HydroFruit Press 20 L, the embodiment of European excellence tailored for winemakers, crafting enthusiasts, and fruit-pressing aficionados. This press harmoniously melds convenience and efficiency, delivering a transformative juicing experience. Crafted in Italy, this jewel in the crown of fruit pressing lets you savour every drop, ensuring that your winemaking or crafting pursuits remain unparalleled.

Key Features:

  • Optimized Capacity: Compact 20-litre size ideal for household needs.
  • Water Pressure Operation: Outpaces and outclasses traditional ratchet presses.
  • Impeccable Build: Premium natural rubber membrane paired with food-safe stainless steel perforation.
  • Holistic Design: Comes complete with a press bag and splash guard for a seamless process.
  • Enduring Craftsmanship: Constructed from durable stainless steel AISI 304 and sturdy painted aluminum.


Q: How does the HydroFruit Press outperform conventional ratchet presses? A: Harnessing water pressure ensures swift and efficient juice extraction, offering enhanced yields and speed.

Q: Which fruits can I use with this press? A: It's versatile, handling everything from grapes and apples to pears and a spectrum of other fruits.

Q: Is the setup and cleaning process complicated? A: No, its intuitive design ensures a straightforward setup and its high-quality materials make cleaning hassle-free.

Q: What ensures the press's durability? A: Crafted from robust stainless steel AISI 304 and complemented with a painted aluminum base, it's built to last.

Q: I've heard this referred to differently; are there any other names? A: Yes, some circles also recognize it as a Bladder Press or Water Bag Press.

Q: Where is this press manufactured? A: Celebrating the art of Italian craftsmanship, this press is a proud product of Italy.

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