Plastic Paddle (61 cm | 24 in)

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Plastic Paddle - Essential Tool for Home Brewing | 61cm | Canadian Quality

The Plastic Paddle is an indispensable tool for any home brewing enthusiast. Expertly designed for mixing ingredients in large fermentation buckets, this paddle ensures safety and efficiency. Made from food-grade plastic, it is ideally suited for the brewing environment, even when dealing with high temperatures. The 61 cm (24 inches) length of the paddle allows for superior reach, making blending ingredients in large volumes a breeze. 

Key Features:

  • Food-Grade Material: Crafted with high-quality plastic for safe and hygienic mixing.
  • Heat Resistance: Capable of handling boiling temperatures, ideal for brewing.
  • Extended Length: At 61 cm (24 in), it offers excellent reach in large buckets.
  • Designed for Brewing: Perfectly tailored for efficient mixing in fermentation buckets.
  • Canadian Craftsmanship: Proudly made in Canada, ensuring top-notch quality and durability.


Q: What makes this Plastic Paddle suitable for brewing? A: Its food-grade material and heat-resistant qualities ensure safe and effective mixing during brewing.

Q: How long is the paddle? A: The Plastic Paddle is 61 cm (24 inches) long, providing excellent reach for mixing in large fermentation buckets.

Q: Can it withstand the high temperatures typical in brewing? A: Yes, it's designed to be heat-resistant and suitable for brewing environments.

Q: Is this paddle versatile for different brewing sizes? A: While ideal for large batches, its design is versatile enough for various brewing sizes.

Q: Where is the Plastic Paddle made? A: It's proudly manufactured in Canada, reflecting quality and reliable craftsmanship.

The Plastic Paddle is a vital tool in the home brewer's kit, ensuring safety, efficiency, and quality in your brewing journey. Its length and heat-resistant properties make it an invaluable asset for easily handling large brewing tasks.

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