Racking Cane Clamps 3/8 in

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  • This product is Racking Cane Clamps, designed for 3/8 inches racking cane. They are used to hold the racking cane in place when transferring or to bottle wine or beer, helping to keep things under control. They keep the racking tube still, so the sediment doesn't get stirred up, making it much easier to leave yeast and another sediment behind. The clamps are easy to use; snap onto the 3/8 inches racking tube or cane at the desired height and then clip it onto the rim of your fermenter. They are designed to fit glass carboys, plastic carboys, and primary fermentation buckets. They are spring-loaded clamps that open quickly and attach tightly to your fermenter. They are designed to work with 3/8 inches of O.D. racking tubes.
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