Small Auto Siphon Bottling & Racking Equipment (5/15 in | 8 mm)

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Streamline Your Homebrewing Process: Small Auto Siphon Bottling & Racking Equipment

Effortless Liquid Transfer for Homebrewing Enthusiasts

The Small Auto Siphon Bottling & Racking Equipment is an indispensable tool for homebrewers, simplifying transferring liquids from 5-gallon buckets and carboys. This equipment features a 5/16” (8mm) bore and ensures a smooth connection to your siphon hose. Its innovative design allows for a single-stroke action, initiating the siphoning process effortlessly while preserving the quality of your brew by not disturbing the sediment. Engineered for leak-free operation and equipped with a removable tip to prevent the accidental transfer of deposits, this siphon is efficient and incredibly user-friendly. Easy to sanitize and maintain, it's a valuable addition to any homebrew setup. Proudly Canadian-made, this siphoning equipment promises reliability and ease in your homebrewing journey.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Transfer: Ideal for 5-gallon buckets and carboys.
  • 5/16” Bore: Seamless hose connection.
  • Single-Stroke Action: Easy and smooth siphon initiation.
  • Precision Design: Leak-free operation.
  • Removable Tip: Prevents siphoning of deposits.
  • Easy to Sanitize: User-friendly and maintainable.
  • Canadian Craftsmanship: Reliable and high-quality.


Q: How do I connect the Small Auto Siphon to a hose? A: The siphon features a 5/16” (8mm) bore to connect seamlessly to a siphon hose.

Q: Can the siphon be used with different types of containers? A: It's perfect for transferring liquids from containers like 5-gallon buckets and carboys.

Q: How does the single-stroke action benefit my brewing process? A: The single-stroke action simplifies siphon initiation, ensuring a smooth, effortless transfer without disturbing the sediment.

Q: Is this siphoning equipment easy to clean? A: It's designed for easy sanitization, enhancing its usability and longevity.

Q: How does the removable tip help during siphoning? A: The removable tip prevents the accidental transfer of deposits, ensuring a cleaner siphoning process.

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