Plastic TVS fits Hose (.31 in - 7/16 in | 7.9 mm - 11.1 mm)

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  • The Plastic TVS (Tap Valve Spigot) is designed to fit hoses with a diameter of 5/16 inches to 7/16 inches (7.9 mm - 11.1 mm). It is made of food-grade PP plastic, non-toxic, tasteless and heat-resistant. The spigot can pivot smoothly and comes with two pieces of gasket and one piece of nut. The design is simple, and the construction is solid, making it easy to clean. This product is an excellent addition to wine or beer making. It can turn a regular bucket into a bucket with a faucet, allowing for a more effortless transfer of liquids without needing a siphon.
  • Product of Canada

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