Spigot with Wooden Key for Barrel (18 cm | 7.09 in)

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Pour Precision, Crafted in Europe. Unlock the Flow. Control the Craft

Crafted for winemaking enthusiasts, fruit pressing, and lovers of timeless winery traditions, our Spigot with Wooden Key for Barrel exemplifies European craftsmanship. This tool doesn't just release liquid; it ensures every drop flows with precision. As you embark on your winemaking journey, embrace a piece that integrates functionality and aesthetics into your process.

Key Features:

  • Precise Dimensions: Measures 18 cm or 7.09 inches, ideal for various barrel sizes.
  • Craftsmanship Excellence: Built with natural wood, offering an authentic feel with every turn.
  • Cork Valve Insert: Ensures optimal flow control and minimizes leak potential.
  • Durable Wooden Handle: Turn with ease to regulate liquid dispensation.
  • European Pedigree: Proudly reflecting a legacy of European quality and tradition.


Q: How does this spigot stand out among others? A: Combining European craftsmanship with natural materials offers an unrivalled balance of aesthetics and performance.

Q: Will it fit any barrel size? A: With a size of 18 cm or 7.09 inches, it's suitable for many barrels. However, checking specific barrel compatibility is always a good practice.

Q: What's the best way to maintain the spigot's condition? A: Regular inspection of the cork valve and gentle handling can enhance its longevity.

Q: Can it be used for other liquids besides wine? A: Yes, its design is versatile enough for dispensing various liquids, though winemakers favour it.

Q: How often should I inspect the cork valve? A: Frequent checks will ensure the cork remains in optimal condition, preventing potential leaks.

Q: Where was this product made? A: This spigot reflects fine European craftsmanship and is made in Europe.

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