Hydrometer Test Jar 200 ml - 7 oz. (10 in | 25 cm)

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Achieve Precise Alcohol Testing with the Hydrometer Test Jar

The Hydrometer Test Jar is an indispensable tool for brewers and winemakers aiming for precise alcohol measurement. This 200 ml (7 oz.) jar, standing 10 inches (25 cm) tall, is ideally shaped for accurate testing with a hydrometer. Its design ensures full submersion of the hydrometer for stable readings and uses minimal liquid volume. Made from durable, clear material, this jar allows for easy visibility of the hydrometer scale, providing accurate results every time. Designed and manufactured in Canada, this test jar is a reliable addition to your brewing toolkit.

Key Features:

  • Accurate Testing: Specifically designed for precise alcohol measurements using a hydrometer.
  • Tall and Narrow: Perfect height for full submersion of the hydrometer, providing stable readings.
  • Stable Design: Narrow diameter to prevent tipping and use minimal product.
  • Clear Visibility: Transparent sides for straightforward reading of hydrometer numbers.
  • One-Piece Construction: Durable and leak-proof, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Food-Grade and BPA-Free: Safe for all types of beverages, from wines to high-alcohol spirits.
  • Max Temperature 75°C (167°F): Suitable for various testing conditions.
  • Made in Canada: Quality and craftsmanship you can trust.
  • Consistent Accuracy: Obtain reliable alcohol readings every time.
  • Efficient Testing: Requires a smaller amount of liquid, reducing waste.
  • Easy to Read: Clear jar allows for quick and accurate readings.
  • Quality Construction: Durable and long-lasting, designed for repeated use.
  • Safe and Hygienic: Made with food-grade materials, ensuring the purity of your tests.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a variety of brewing and winemaking applications.


Q: Can the Hydrometer Test Jar be used for testing other than alcohol? A: While designed for alcohol testing, its versatile design makes it suitable for other liquid measurements.

Q: What makes this test jar different from others? A: Its specific design for hydrometer use, combined with its durability and clear visibility, sets it apart.

Q: How do I maintain the test jar? A: Clean it with warm, soapy water after each use to ensure accuracy and longevity.

Enhance your brewing precision with the Hydrometer Test Jar, ensuring accurate, consistent, and reliable measurements. A must-have for any brewer or winemaker, this Canadian-made tool brings quality and efficiency to your alcohol testing process.

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