Double Blast Bottle Washer

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  • Selling Unit: Each
  • Eliminates all stress on faucets and water-hammer damage to pipes.
  • Temperature resistant to 60 Celsius 140 Farhanite
  • Use the Quick Connect hose to connect and disconnect instantly.
  • A wide base guarantees stable operation in any sink.
  • Easy to use.
  • Press down to rinse, and lift to stop.
  • The large carboy nozzle
  • The special tip on the large carboy nozzle is designed for rinsing siphon hoses and tubes.
  • During installation, cut the hose to the correct length so that the washer sits flat in the sink.
  • Make sure the flat side of the plastic connector that screws onto the faucet is facing you.
  • Product of Canada

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