RoX Replacement Refill Pak for Carbon Snake (500 g | 17 oz)

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Purity Perfected: RoX Replacement Refill Pak for Carbon Snake 

Elevate Your Distillation: Activated Carbon Refinement with RoX Refill

Enhance the quality of your distilled spirits with the RoX Replacement Refill Pak for the Carbon Snake. This 500 g package of distillers activated carbon eliminates undesirable odors and flavors from your fermented alcohol bases, ensuring a smoother and more refined end product. The activated carbon adsorbs impurities during filtration, a crucial step for any serious home distiller looking to achieve professional-grade clarity and taste in their spirits.

Key Features:

  • Substantial Quantity: 500 g of activated carbon, suitable for multiple filtration sessions.
  • Odor and Flavor Removal: Targets and removes the byproducts of fermentation that can affect the taste and smell of distilled spirits.
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with various types of fermented alco-bases for broad application.
  • High Quality: Manufactured in the USA, ensuring a product meets high standards.


Q: How do I use the RoX Replacement Refill with my Carbon Snake? A: Follow the Carbon Snake’s instructions for replacing the carbon and ensure it's appropriately packed for optimal filtration.

Q: Can this activated carbon be reused? A: It's designed for single-use to maximize the adsorption of impurities.

Q: Is this product suitable for filtering non-alcoholic liquids? A: While primarily intended for spirits, activated carbon can filter other liquids; verify compatibility with your needs.

Q: How often should the activated carbon be replaced? A: Replace it when you notice a decrease in filtration performance or as recommended by your filtration system's guidelines.

Q: Does this activated carbon affect the alcohol content of my spirits? A: No, it targets odors and flavors without altering the alcohol content.

With the RoX Replacement Refill Pak, you can trust that each batch of your homemade spirits will be of the highest purity and quality, free from any unwanted residuals of the distillation process.

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