French Premium Medium Toasted Oak Chips (100g | 3.5 oz)

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ABC Crafted Series French Premium Medium Toasted Oak Chips: The Essence of Elegance in Winemaking

Transform Your Wine with French Premium Medium Toasted Oak Chips

Enhance your winemaking craft with ABC CRAFTED SERIES French Premium Medium-Toasted Oak Chips. Each pack contains 100 grams (3.52 oz) of meticulously selected French oak chips, ideal for small-batch winemaking. Renowned for their high concentrations of spice and balsam aromatic compounds, including eugenol and maltol, these chips offer a sophisticated flavor profile of coffee, roasted nuts, clove, and licorice. Their fine grain, high porosity, and permeability make them perfect for medium and long-duration oak aging processes.

Key Features:

  • Flavor Profile: A rich blend of coffee, roasted nuts, clove, and licorice aromas.
  • Organoleptic Qualities: Contains volatile compounds like eugenol, guaiacol, and isoeugenol for a distinct aroma profile.
  • Winemaking Compatibility: Ideal for medium to long-duration treatments, enhancing the wine's aromatic complexity.
  • Dosage Flexibility: Recommended 4 grams per liter, customizable according to the desired intensity.
  • Ease of Use: Simple instructions for optimal oak properties transfer, ensuring a deep and even infusion of flavors.
  • Physical Appearance: Varies in brown tones, reflecting the depth of toasting and flavor.
  • Storage Tips: Best kept in original packaging in a cool, dry place.


Q: How do French Premium Medium Toasted Oak Chips enhance winemaking? A: They add complexity and depth, enhancing the wine’s natural fruitiness and creating a structured mouthfeel.

Q: What makes these oak chips suitable for medium and long-duration treatments? A: Their slow component transfer rate allows for a gradual and controlled infusion of flavors.

Q: How should I apply these oak chips for optimal results? A: Distribute them at various depths within the container and agitate weekly for even flavor transfer.

Q: Can I adjust the flavor intensity with these oak chips? A: Yes, by altering the dosage and treatment time based on your preference and taste tests.

Q: Are these oak chips suitable for all wine types? A: They are versatile and can complement a wide range of wine styles, especially those benefiting from a more affluent, spicier profile.

Elevate Your Winemaking Craft: ABC CRAFTED SERIES French Premium Medium Toasted Oak Chips are not just an additive but a transformative element that brings out the best in your wine. Incorporate these premium oak chips into your winemaking process and witness the elevation of flavors and aromas, adding a touch of French sophistication to your creations.

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Matthew M.
United States

Pleased so far

Used a handful for a 6 gallon batch of Malbec kit. Definitely lighter than American oak which is what I going for. A couple handfuls, ended up with a smooth, vanilla, spicy oak on the back end without overpowering the fruit. I’ll use it again!

Stacy M.
United States United States


Wine is still fermenting and look forward to tasting, but the order procee and deivery were fantastic.

Dave G.
United States United States

Oak chips

Good quality chips

Vivian M.
United States United States

French Oak Chips

I bought French Oak Chips to go in my Malbec. I always add Oak Chips to my Red Wine kits. I like the flavor it adds.

William W.
United States United States

French oak chips

There are over 400 types of oak trees. So it is a smart move to choose one that has been used as successfully as a French oak.