Fruit & Grape Press #45

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Elevate Your Winemaking Process, Press to Impress.   

The Fruit & Grape Press #45 is the pinnacle of pressing excellence. Synonymous with efficiency and drenched in Italian heritage, it's not just a tool—it's the core of refined wine and juice extraction. Tailored for the winemakers, crafters, and enthusiasts who demand nothing short of perfection, this press epitomizes the craft and spirit of the finest juices and wines.

Key Features:

  • Robust Durability: Crafted from high-strength pressed steel, ensuring longevity.
  • Advanced Double Ratchet Design: Offering efficient pressing every time.
  • Split-basket Functionality: Facilitates quick and easy pomace removal.
  • Italian Precision: Melding traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation.
  • Versatile Utility: Ideal for wineries, artisans, and passionate winemakers.


Q: What materials are used in the Fruit & Grape Press #45? A: It's constructed using high-strength pressed steel, ensuring durability and superior performance.

Q: Is this press suitable for both fruits and grapes? A: Absolutely; it's engineered to handle both fruits and grapes proficiently, becoming an essential tool for winemaking and crafting.

Q: How can I effectively clean the press after use? A: The unique split-basket design ensures that pomace removal is straightforward, simplifying the cleaning process.

Q: Does the provided image represent the actual product? A: The image is a reference; the actual product may vary due to continuous enhancements.

Q: What distinguishes this press from others on the market? A: Its amalgamation of traditional Italian craftsmanship, the innovative double ratchet mechanism, and adaptability set it apart.

Q: Where is this pressing marvel made? A: The Fruit & Grape Press #45 is proudly crafted in Italy, reflecting esteemed winemaking tradition and expertise.

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