Hydrometer Test Jar 320 ml - 10 oz. (14 in | 35.5 cm)

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Achieve Brewing Excellence with the Hydrometer Test Jar

Perfect for brewers and winemakers, the Hydrometer Test Jar is an indispensable tool for precise alcohol measurement. This 320 ml (10 oz.) jar, standing at 14 inches (35.5 cm), is designed for accuracy and ease of use. Its tall structure allows for complete submersion of the hydrometer, ensuring stable readings with minimal liquid. The jar's clarity and straight sides enable easy reading of the hydrometer scale. Made from one-piece molded, alcohol-resistant plastic, it offers both durability and safety. Suitable for various high-alcohol liquids, this test jar is a practical alternative to glass, withstanding temperatures up to 75°C (167°F).

Key Features:

  • Precision Testing: Ideal for accurate alcohol measurement in brewing.
  • Tall Structure: Full submersion of hydrometer for accurate readings.
  • Minimal Liquid Requirement: Small-diameter design reduces the amount of product needed.
  • Clear Visibility: Easy-to-read hydrometer numbers.
  • Durable Construction: Alcohol-resistant, one-piece molded plastic.
  • Food-Grade Safety: BPA-free material ensures safe use.
  • Stable and Accurate: Wide base and cylinder for precise measurements.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple cleaning with the included beer brush.
  • Leak-Proof Design: One-piece construction prevents leaks.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for wine, beer, and high-alcohol liquids.
  • Temperature Resistant: Handles temperatures up to 75°C (167°F).
  • Accurate Readings: Consistently precise measurements for quality brewing.
  • Efficient Testing: Requires less product, saving valuable resources.
  • Easy Reading: Clear and straight sides for hassle-free hydrometer reading.
  • Durable and Safe: Built to last with safe, food-grade materials.
  • Convenient Cleaning: Easy to maintain with the included brush.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a range of high-alcohol beverages.
  • Temperature Resilience: Capable of handling high brewing temperatures.


Q: Can this test jar be used for wine and beer testing? A: It's ideal for various beverages, including wine and beer.

Q: How do I clean the test jar? A: Clean it easily with the provided beer brush.

Q: What's the maximum temperature the test jar can withstand? A: It can handle temperatures up to 75°C (167°F).

Enhance your brewing precision and quality with the Hydrometer Test Jar. Trust in its reliable measurements, ease of use, and robust construction for all your alcohol testing requirements.

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