Gold Range Docklands Porter Beer Kit - Recapture the Flavour of Traditional Victorian Porters (3.0 kg | 6.6 Lb)

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Docklands Porter Beer Kit - Craft Your Tribute to Victorian Porters

Brewing History, One Sip at a Time

Step into the rich history of the bustling Port of London with the Docklands Porter beer kit. This brew is a tribute to the dockyard workers of the 19th century who unloaded cargoes from sailing ships and schooners along the Thames. Docklands Porter, named after these strong men, quenched their thirst after long shifts with its uniquely rich and satisfying flavour. Now, you can recapture the essence of traditional Victorian Porters in the comfort of your own home. This beer kit delivers a light hop character, full malt flavour, and a rich colour achieved through the subtle use of the best-roasted malts.

Key Features:

  • Rich History and Flavour: Dive into the history of the Port of London with Docklands Porter. Crafted to honour the dockyard workers of the 19th century, this beer kit offers a uniquely rich and satisfying flavour that represents the traditional Victorian Porters. Experience the taste of a bygone era and enjoy the depth of character in every sip.
  • Premium Ingredients: Muntons believes in brewing great beer with only the finest ingredients. The Docklands Porter beer kit is no exception. Crafted with malt, hops, water, and yeast, this kit adheres to the time-honoured tradition of brewing exceptional beers. Enjoy the quality and authenticity that comes from using these four magic ingredients.
  • Easy-to-Brew Excellence: Muntons has leveraged its expertise as a commercial maltster to formulate beer kits that produce superb results. With the Docklands Porter beer kit, you can brew a top-quality beer showcasing traditional Porters' rich malt flavour and light hop character. Follow the simple brewing instructions and elevate your homebrewing game.
  • Traditional Brewing Practices: Muntons is committed to traditional brewing practices. While economic pressures have led some breweries to introduce cheaper adjuncts into their brewing process, Muntons believes that maintaining the conventional techniques results in superior beer quality. Brew confidently, knowing you're following the time-tested methods that deliver exceptional flavours.
  • Appreciation for Malt and Styles: As a commercial maltster supplying breweries worldwide, Muntons deeply appreciates the quality and styles of malt needed to create the best beers. They have channelled this knowledge into crafting beer kits that offer unrivalled quality and flavour. Discover the art of brewing with Muntons and experience the satisfaction of brewing exceptional beers.

Important FAQs:

Q: What is the flavour profile of Docklands Porter?

A: Docklands Porter offers a uniquely rich and satisfying flavour. It combines a light hop character with a full malt flavour, creating a brew that showcases the best of traditional Victorian Porters. Expect depth, complexity, and a rich colour achieved by carefully using roasted malts.

Q: Can I brew Docklands Porter easily at home?

A: Absolutely! Muntons has designed the Docklands Porter beer kit to be easy to brew in the comfort of your own home. Follow the provided brewing instructions, and you'll be rewarded with a top-quality beer that captures the essence of traditional Porters.

Q: Does the Docklands Porter beer kit use only the four traditional brewing ingredients?

A: Yes, Muntons takes pride in upholding traditional brewing practices. The Docklands Porter beer kit uses only malt, hops, water, and yeast - the four magic ingredients for brewing exceptional beers. Embrace the authenticity and quality of adhering to these time-honoured brewing traditions.

Q: How does Muntons ensure the quality of their beer kits?

A: As a respected commercial maltster, Muntons has extensive knowledge and experience in the brewing industry. They leverage this expertise to formulate beer kits that deliver outstanding results. With their dedication to using premium ingredients and following traditional brewing methods, you can trust that Muntons beer kits consistently produce great-tasting beers.

Brew your piece of history with the Docklands Porter beer kit. Experience the richness and satisfaction of traditional Victorian Porters in the comfort of your own home. Muntons, with its commitment to quality and traditional brewing practices, offers you the opportunity to craft a top-quality beer that pays homage to the dockyard workers of the past. Embrace the flavours of the past and enjoy the brewing journey with Muntons. Cheers to brewing excellence and the timeless art of crafting superb beers!


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