Connoisseurs Range Pilsner Kit - The Perfect Refreshing Brew for Warm Climates (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

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Elevate Your Refreshment with Connoisseurs Range Pilsner Kit

Craft the Perfect Thirst-Quenching Pilsner at Home

Introducing the Connoisseurs Range Pilsner Kit, your gateway to a refreshment like no other. Immerse yourself in the craft brewing world and savour this delightful pilsner's crisp, clean flavours. With its light pale yellow hue and low hop and malt content, this beer is the epitome of thirst-quenching satisfaction. Whether you're in a warm climate or simply seeking a refreshing escape, this pilsner is your answer.

Delight in the ultimate refreshment with our Connoisseurs Range Pilsner Kit. Crafted to perfection, this light and crisp pilsner offer a delightful taste experience that will invigorate your senses. With its low hop and malt content and alcohol content of approximately 4.6%, it strikes the perfect balance between flavour and drinkability. Serve it chilled and let its harmonious blend of flavours captivate your palate.

Key Features:

  • Refreshing Light Beer: Immerse yourself in crisp and clean flavours that provide a stimulating and thirst-quenching sensation.
  • Light Pale Yellow Color: Enjoy the delicate pale yellow colour that invites you to indulge in its refreshing taste.
  • Low Hop and Malt Content: Delight in a well-balanced flavour profile that lets the refreshing qualities shine through.
  • Approximately 4.6% ABV: Experience the perfect balance between flavour and drinkability with moderate alcohol content.
  • Original Gravity (OG) 1040° to 1044°: Savour the harmonious blend of flavours achieved through precise gravity range.
  • Best Served Chilled: Enhance the refreshing qualities by serving it chilled for an invigorating experience.
  • Packaged in a Case of 6 Cans: Convenient packaging ensures ample supply for gatherings or personal enjoyment.

Product Benefits:

  • Crisp and Refreshing: Quench your thirst with a beer that invigorates your senses, offering ultimate refreshment.
  • Easy-to-Brew Kit: Whether you're a beginner or seasoned brewer, our kit provides all the ingredients and instructions for a high-quality brew.
  • Ideal for Warm Climates: Beat the heat with this light and refreshing pilsner, perfect for hot summer days or tropical climates.
  • European Craftsmanship: Experience European brewing legacy with this Product of Europe, reflecting quality and craftsmanship.

Important FAQs:

Q: How long does it take to brew the Connoisseurs Range Pilsner?

A: The brewing process typically takes 2 to 3 weeks, including fermentation, conditioning, and carbonation. Timing may vary based on conditions and preference.

Q: Can I adjust the hop or malt content in the Pilsner Kit?

A: While our kit provides essential ingredients, you can experiment with additional hops or malts to customize the flavor profile according to your preference.

Q: Is this kit suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! Our Connoisseurs Range Pilsner Kit caters to brewers of all levels, with detailed instructions to confidently create a delightful pilsner.


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