Plastic Mix-Stir Mixing and De-Gassing Tool (24 in | 60 cm)

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Plastic Mix-Stir - Optimize Wine/Beer Fermentation | 24-Inch | Glass Carboy Safe

Elevate your brewing and winemaking with the Plastic Mix-Stir, a 24-inch tool designed for mixing and de-gassing. This Canadian-made product is a game-changer, crafted from top-notch polycarbonate and ABS blades, ensuring durability and efficiency. Its stainless steel insert reinforces stability, making it a robust companion for your fermentation journey.

The Mix-Stir's compatibility with any electric drill transforms mixing into a hassle-free task. Its length makes it ideal for large fermenters, barrels, and carboys, while the plastic construction ensures safe use with glass carboys, safeguarding against potential damage.

Key Features:

  • Durable Material: Composed of high-quality polycarbonate and ABS blades.
  • Stainless Steel Insert: Adds stability during operation.
  • 24-Inch Length: Perfect for large fermenters, barrels, and carboys.
  • Drill-Compatible: Fits any electric drill, easing the mixing process.
  • Glass Carboy Safe: Plastic blades prevent damage to glass carboys.
  • Made in Canada: Superior craftsmanship and quality assurance.


Q: Is the mix stir suitable for both wine and beer fermentation? A: It's designed to mix and de-gas wine and beer efficiently.

Q: What length is the Mix-Stir? A: The Mix-Stir is 24 inches, ideal for handling larger fermenters and carboys.

Q: Can it be used with any drill? A: Yes, the Mix-Stir is compatible with any standard electric drill.

Q: Is it safe to use with glass carboys? A: Absolutely; the plastic blades are designed to be gentle on glass carboys.

Q: Where is the Mix-Stir manufactured? A: The Mix-Stir is proudly made in Canada, ensuring high quality and reliability.

Incorporate the Plastic Mix-Stir into your brewing process for an optimized fermentation experience. Its thoughtful design and Canadian manufacturing excellence ensure a smooth, effective, and safe operation every time.

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