Polyseal Screw Cap Pack of 10 (28 mm | 1 1/8 in)

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Secure Your Creations with Top-Quality Polyseal Screw Caps

Reliable Sealing Made Easy: Black Polyseal Screw Caps for Bottling Perfection

Elevate your bottling experience with our pack of 10 Black Polyseal Screw Caps, expertly designed for homebrewers and craft enthusiasts. Each cap, measuring 28 mm (1 1/8 inches), is crafted to provide a superior seal, ensuring your beverages stay fresh and secure. Made in the United States, these caps are perfect for a wide range of containers, offering a snug fit and excellent preservation qualities. Their sleek black design adds a professional touch to your bottles and ensures a tight seal against potential leaks and oxidation.

Key Features:

  • Optimized Size: 28 mm diameter, fitting a variety of bottlenecks with precision.
  • High-Quality Poly Seal: Ensures an airtight seal to maintain freshness and prevent leakage.
  • Durable Material: Crafted from robust materials for repeated use without losing efficacy.
  • Professional Black Finish: Adds a sleek, elegant look to your bottles.
  • Pack of 10: Ideal quantity for small to medium batch projects.


Q: What type of bottles are these caps compatible with? A: They are designed to fit any bottle with a 28 mm neck, making them versatile for various bottling needs.

Q: How effective is the poly seal in preserving freshness? A: The poly seal provides an airtight seal, effectively preserving the contents and preventing oxidation.

Q: Can these screw caps be reused? A: They are made from durable materials, allowing for multiple uses without compromising the seal quality.

Q: Are these caps easy to apply and remove? A: Absolutely; their screw cap design ensures ease of application and removal, suitable for all skill levels.

Q: What is the advantage of choosing black caps? A: The black color adds a professional, clean appearance to your bottles, enhancing the overall presentation.

Q: Where are these caps manufactured? A: They are proudly made in the United States, ensuring quality and reliability.

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