Filter Pads #1 Coarse Mini drilled Bundle of 25 (14.5 cm X 13.2 cm | 5 1.06 in x 5 3/16)

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Precision Filtration for Petite Presses, Compact Efficacy for Every Drop

Catering to the nuanced demands of winemakers, grape-pressing aficionados, and crafting masters, the Filter Pad #1 Coarse Mini Drilled is the refined touch your post-fermentation process craves. Celebrate a step closer to purity with this expertly crafted filtration gem, ensuring your wine embodies the essence of perfection, sip after sip.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: Dimensions are 14.5 cm x 13.2 cm (5.71 inches x 5.2 inches), ideal for intimate fermentation setups.
  • Subtle Sophistication: A creamy palette injects a touch of elegance into your winemaking journey.
  • Efficiency at its Peak: Harmonizes with the AF 3-1H (U3) grade, cultivating an optimal filtration environment.
  • Flow Dynamics: A commendable flow rate between 700 to 1000 L/m2 h guarantees pristine filtration.
  • Sturdy Pressure Management: Manages a peak differential pressure of 250 kPa (2.5 bar), denoting steadfast resilience.


  • Unadulterated Purity: Sculpted from cleansed and bleached cellulose, organic filter aids, and a modest touch of polyamidoamine. The absence of plastic fibres and formaldehyde amplifies its premium nature.
  • Safety Assured: Accomplishes FDA endorsement for food-centric processes, vouching for its apex standards.
  • Diverse Needs, One Solution: Proudly GMO-free and devoid of prevalent allergens, considering varied dietary requirements.
  • Earth's Pal: Post-utilization, these sheets comfortably assimilate into recycling, composting, or mundane disposal channels.
  • Preservation Tip: Nestle them in their authentic wrap, ensconced in a dry and neutral space, to cherish their prolonged excellence.


Q: How should these filter pads be repurposed post-use? A: These pads are curated for singular usage. Upon completion, adopt eco-friendly disposal routes.

Q: Can these cater to larger brewing outfits? A: These are optimized for more personal brewing setups, yet they uphold impeccable filtration standards on par with larger counterparts.

Q: What's their durability timeframe? A: Ensconced in their untouched wrap within a dry and aroma-neutral space, they retain their prime for an extended period.

Q: Will these pads be harmonious with an array of filtration gadgets? A: Their design is congenial with a plethora of filtration mechanisms. A cursory check on your apparatus dimensions ascertains seamless compatibility.

Crafted with Precision in Switzerland.

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