Filter Pads #1 Coarse Round Solid Bundle of 25 (22 cm | 8 1.06 in)

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Elevate Your Fermentation Finale, The Perfect Circle of Purity in Filtration 

This Filter Pad #1 Coarse Round Solid – is the ideal companion to accentuate the clarity of your wines post-fermentation. Conceived explicitly for those dedicated to pressing fruit or grapes, this tool becomes an indispensable asset for winemakers and crafting connoisseurs, precisely marrying functionality.

Key Features:

  • Ideal Dimensions: A robust 22 cm (8.66 inches) in diameter, making it a seamless fit for diverse filtration setups.
  • True to Hue: A soothing cream complexion that signifies its organic nature.
  • Performance-Driven: Embraces the AF 3-1H (U3) grade, optimizing filtration for an impeccable finish.
  • Streamlined Flow: Achieves a steady flow rate of 700 to 1000 L/m2 h, enhancing the filtration efficacy.
  • Pressure Prowess: Withstands a peak differential pressure of 250 kPa (2.5 bar), ensuring durability amidst demanding processes.

Unmissable Benefits:

  • Authentic Materials: Crafted from pristine bleached cellulose, natural filter aids, and a minimal touch of polyamidoamine, elevating its purity standards.
  • Safety First: Adheres to food-grade standards and proudly bears the FDA seal of approval.
  • Eco-Conscious: Once their role is fulfilled, these sheets can embrace recycling or composting paths, resonating with sustainability ideals.
  • Storage Savvy: For retaining their prime efficacy, store them in their native pack in a moisture-free, neutral ambiance.


Q: How should I dispose of the filter pads post-use? A: These sheets are designed for eco-friendly disposal through recycling, composting, or general waste.

Q: What ensures the safety and quality of these pads in wine processing? A: These pads are crafted using FDA-approved, food-grade materials, affirming their safety and superiority in wine production.

Q: Is the diameter universal for most wine-press setups? A: While it's tailored for an array of setups, it's beneficial to cross-check with your specific apparatus dimensions.

Q: Does its round shape enhance filtration quality? A: The round design complements its function, ensuring optimal coverage and consistency infiltration.

Q: Are there any synthetic elements in the pad? A: No, the pad proudly avoids plastic fibres and formaldehyde, adhering to organic standards.

Expertly Conceived in Switzerland.

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