Filter Pads #2 Fine Mini drilled Bundle of 25 (14.5 cm X 13.2 cm | 5 1.06 in x 5 3/16)

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Precision Filtration for the Discerning Winemaker, Crystal Clarity in Every Drop

The Filter Pad #2 Fine Mini: your trusted partner in the meticulous winemaking journey. Tailored for wineries, artisans, and every wine enthusiast, this pad offers superior filtration, ensuring that every drop echoes purity. Whether pressing grapes or fermenting fruits, entrust your passion to this Swiss-engineered marvel.  

Key Features:

  • Perfect Dimensions: Neatly cut at 14.5 cm x 13.2 cm, fitting seamlessly with various setups.
  • Refined Filtration: Fine-drilled finish designed for clarity and germ reduction.
  • Top-Grade Recommendation: Aligned with the esteemed AF 100 grade.
  • Optimized Flow: Consistent flow rate at 700 L/m2h.
  • Pure Integrity: Composed of purified bleached cellulose and natural inorganic aids, with less than 3% polyamidoamine.


Q: How does this pad elevate my winemaking process? A: It's meticulously crafted to offer germ reduction and acceptable clarification, accentuating the wine's natural profile.

Q: Are these pads food-safe? A: Absolutely. Every pad is FDA-approved and made with food-grade materials.

Q: How do I ensure these pads last? A: Store in the original packaging in an odorless, dry, and well-ventilated space.

Q: Can I be assured of no synthetic elements? A: Yes. Prioritizing natural ingredients, the pads are free from plastic fibers, formaldehyde, GMOs, and common allergens.

Q: What's the eco-friendly way to dispose of used pads? A: These pads can be recycled, composted, or included in general waste, reflecting an eco-conscious design.

Q: Are these pads versatile across different wine-press setups? A: Their precise design ensures they integrate flawlessly across many winemaking configurations.

Swiss Craftsmanship at its Finest.

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