Straining Bags Muslin Bag 60 Count (12.7 x 28 cm | 5 x 11 in)

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Versatile Muslin Straining Bags: Ideal for Brewing, Cooking, and More

High-Quality, Multi-Use Muslin Straining Bags for Culinary and Brewing Activities

Explore the versatility of our Muslin Straining Bags, perfect for those who love cooking, brewing, or winemaking. These bags measure 12.7 x 28 cm (5 inches x 11 inches), making them suitable for holding grains, herbs, berries, or hops during the steeping or boiling. Crafted from 60-count yarn (60S/1) tightly woven mesh, they provide effective straining action for various culinary uses. 

These multi-purpose food-straining bags are excellent for creating drinks like nut milk, green juice, soups, jellies, and jams. They are also ideal for cold brew coffee, homebrewing beer, and winemaking. Made from 100% natural, unbleached, food-grade cotton in a natural beige color, these bags can endure boiling and simmering for extended periods, making them great as hop bags for brewing. Designed with a wider opening and a drawstring for practical pouring and secure closure, these bags are easy to clean, air dry, washable, reusable, and durable. Proudly made in the United States, these muslin-straining bags are a testament to quality and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Size: 12.7 x 28 cm (5 inches x 11 inches).
  • Quality Material: A tightly woven mesh is made from 60-count yarn (60S/1).
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for straining during cooking, brewing, and winemaking.
  • 100% Natural Cotton: Unbleached, food-grade, suitable for prolonged boiling.
  • Practical Design: Wider opening with drawstring for ease of use.
  • Easy to Maintain: Simple to clean, washable, reusable, and durable.
  • Product of the USA: Manufactured in the United States, ensuring high quality.


Q: Can these bags be used for straining fine particles? A: Yes, the tightly woven mesh is effective for straining fine particles.

Q: Are these bags suitable for use with hot liquids? A: Yes, they can withstand boiling and simmering for extended periods.

Q: How should I clean the muslin bags? A: They can be washed by hand or machine with mild detergent and air-dried.

Q: Are these bags reusable? A: Yes, they are designed to be washable, reusable, and durable for multiple uses.

Q: Is the material safe for food preparation? A: Absolutely, the bags are made from 100% natural, unbleached, food-grade cotton, making them safe for food-related use.

These Muslin Straining Bags are a practical and high-quality option for anyone who enjoys cooking, brewing, or crafting in the kitchen. Their durability and natural construction make them valuable to your culinary tools and brewing equipment.

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