Vin Papers Filter Pads Pack of 480 (15 cm | 5.9 in)

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Clarity in Every Bottle: Harris Filters Vin Papers for Wine Filtration

Precision Filtration: 48 Filter Pads for the Vinbrite Wine Filter Kit 

Harris Filters Vin Papers are essential for wine enthusiasts aiming for professional clarity in their home bottling process. Each case contains ten packs, including 48 filter pads, ensuring a substantial supply for all your filtration needs. Designed to be used with the Vinbrite Wine Filter Kit, these 15 cm filter pads are crafted from durable wet-strength material, ensuring effective sediment removal without tearing. Remember to align the flat, rib-less side marked "B" of the support disc against the filter paper during setup to achieve the best results.

Key Features:

  • Sized for Compatibility: 15 cm diameter filter pads tailored for the Vinbrite Wine Filter Kit.
  • Durable Material: Wet-strength construction designed to withstand the filtration process.
  • Ample Supply: 480 total filter pads provided in 10 packs per case.
  • Optimized Design: Ensures a precise fit and optimal clarity when used with the recommended filter kit.
  • Clear Instructions: Includes guidance on positioning the filter pad for efficient use.


Q: Are these filter pads reusable? A: No, for hygiene and effectiveness, these filter pads are intended for single use only.

Q: Can these filters be used with any filtration system? A: They are specifically designed for the Vinbrite Wine Filter Kit and may not be compatible with other systems.

Q: How often should I replace the filter pad during wine filtration? A: It's recommended to use a new filter pad for each batch of wine to ensure the best clarity.

Q: Are these filter pads suitable for filtering other beverages? A: While designed for wine, they can be effective for similar non-carbonated beverages that fit the filtration kit's specifications.

Q: What is the importance of the "B" side of the support disc? A: The "B" side ensures the filter paper is correctly positioned for optimal filtration performance.

Choose Harris Filters Vin Papers for a professional finish to your homemade wines, bringing commercial-grade clarity to your winemaking hobby.

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