Siphon Valve Filler Small (5/16 x 7/16 in | 0.79 x 1.1 cm)

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Revolutionize Your Homebrewing Experience with the Siphon Valve Filler Small

Elevate Your Bottling Game with Precision and Ease!

Step into the world of hassle-free bottling with the Siphon Valve Filler Small, your go-to tool for homebrew and winemaking enthusiasts. This compact and efficient bottle filler, perfectly sized for home use, is designed for seamless integration with a 5/16" x 7/16" siphon hose. The 12" Gravity Bottle Filler, featuring a finely-tuned 3/8" diameter, provides unmatched control over your bottling process. Equipped with a sensitive tip, this filler allows for precise flow management - gently press against the bottle to start and lift to stop. Its leak-proof seal, secured by a small O-ring, guarantees a clean, spill-free experience. Embrace the reliability and convenience of this proudly Canadian-made product, designed to simplify your homebrewing journey.

Key Features:

  • Siphon Valve Filler Small: Ideal for homebrewing and winemaking, offering precision in bottle filling.
  • Hose Compatibility: Designed for a perfect fit with a 5/16" x 7/16" siphon hose.
  • Optimal Diameter: Features a 3/8" diameter for enhanced flow control.
  • Sensitive Tip Design: Facilitates accurate filling with a simple press-and-lift mechanism.
  • Leak-Proof Assurance: Incorporates a small O-ring for a secure, mess-free bottling process.
  • Canadian Craftsmanship: A testament to superior quality and reliability.


Q: What size siphon hose is compatible with this filler?
A: The Siphon Valve Filler Small is tailored for a 5/16" x 7/16" siphon hose, ensuring smooth operation.

Q: How does the sensitive tip aid in filling bottles?
A: The filler's sensitive tip allows precise flow control, enabling easy start and stop during filling.

Q: Is the filler equipped with a leak-proof seal?
A: It features an O-ring that guarantees a leak-proof seal, eliminating spills and messes.

Q: Can the Siphon Valve Filler Small handle hot liquids?
A: It is designed for temperatures up to 60 °C (140 °F), making it unsuitable for hotter liquids.

Q: Where is this product made?
A: The Siphon Valve Filler Small is proudly manufactured in Canada, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship.

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