Siphon Valve Fillers Large (7/16 x 9/16 in | 1.1 x 1.43 cm)

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Optimize Your Bottling Process with the Siphon Valve Fillers Large

Maximize Efficiency in Every Pour - Your Bottling Companion!

Elevate your bottling efficiency with the Siphon Valve Fillers Large, a perfect solution for the homebrewing and winemaking community. This robust bottle filler is compatible with a 7/16" x 9/16" siphon hose and sports a 1/2" diameter, ensuring a smooth and efficient filling process. The 12" Gravity Bottle Filler, with a sensitive tip, offers full control over your bottling operation. Press the tip against the bottle for a seamless start, and lift to halt the flow. A thoughtfully designed small O-ring ensures a leak-proof seal, keeping your workspace clean and spill-free. Crafted with pride in Canada, this filler is synonymous with reliability and quality, simplifying your bottling endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Large Siphon Valve Fillers: Engineered for high-volume bottle filling, delivering precision and speed.
  • Hose Compatibility: Perfectly fits a 7/16" x 9/16" siphon hose for maximum efficiency.
  • Generous Diameter: Features a 1/2" diameter to enhance flow control during filling.
  • Sensitive Tip Mechanism: Offers quick stopping and precise filling with a simple touch.
  • Leak-Proof Design: Equipped with a tiny O-ring to prevent spills and maintain cleanliness.
  • Canadian Quality: A testament to exceptional craftsmanship and reliability.


Q: What is the ideal siphon hose size for these fillers?
A: The Siphon Valve Fillers Large are compatible with a 7/16" x 9/16" siphon hose for efficient operation.

Q: How does the sensitive tip function?
A: The sensitive tip enables easy control of the filling process, allowing you to start and stop the flow effortlessly.

Q: Are these fillers designed to be leak-proof?
A: A small O-ring in the fillers ensures a leak-proof seal, avoiding any spills during use.

Q: Can these fillers handle high-temperature liquids?
A: They are suitable for liquids up to 60 °C (140 °F) but not recommended for higher temperatures.

Q: Where is this product manufactured?
A: The Siphon Valve Fillers Large are proudly made in Canada, ensuring top-notch quality and craftsmanship.

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