Malt Extract Wheat - High-Quality Base for Wheat Beers (1.5 kg | 3.3 lb)

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Wheat Malt Extract - Elevate Your Wheat Beer Brewing

Unlock Exceptional Wheat Beer Quality with Muntons Wheat Malt Extract

Enhance the quality and flavour of your wheat beers with Muntons Wheat Malt Extract. This premium extract is meticulously crafted to elevate your brewing process, offering a unique blend of 50% brewing quality wheat malt and 50% low-colour spring barley malt. With an increased protein load and concentrated composition, it's the perfect solution for breweries facing challenges with slow runoff when using high amounts of wheat in the mash.

Key Features:

  • Superior Quality: Our wheat malt extract undergoes careful mashing to extract excess protein, resulting in a high-quality product that enhances the overall brewing experience.

  • Protein Enhancement: Incorporating Muntons Wheat Malt Extract into your recipe at inclusion rates of 2-10% significantly increases the protein load of the wort. This, in turn, enhances your finished beer's body, mouthfeel, head formation, and retention.

  • Versatile Application: This extract seamlessly replaces wheat malt, torrefied wheat, and wheat flakes, maintaining a 1:1 replacement ratio. Enjoy the convenience of a reliable and consistent base material for all your wheat beer recipes.

  • Easy Integration: Muntons Wheat Malt Extract integrates smoothly into your brewing process, ensuring consistent results and saving you time and effort.

  • Recipe Calculation: For wheat beer enthusiasts, we recommend calculating your recipe based on a litre degrees per KG equivalent of 315, allowing you to maximize the potential of your brew.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use Muntons Wheat Malt Extract to replace other wheat ingredients?

A: Absolutely! Our extract is a perfect substitute for wheat malt, torrefied wheat, and wheat flakes. Follow the 1:1 replacement ratio for seamless integration into your recipes.

Q: How does Muntons Wheat Malt Extract enhance the beer's characteristics?

A: By increasing the protein load of the wort, our extract enhances the body, mouthfeel, head formation, and retention of the resulting beer. This results in improved texture and flavor in your wheat beers.

Q: What is the recommended inclusion rate for Muntons Wheat Malt Extract? A: Include the extract at rates of 2% to 10% in your recipe to achieve optimal results. Experiment with different levels to find the perfect balance for your desired beer characteristics.

Q: Can I use Muntons Wheat Malt Extract in commercial breweries?

A: Absolutely! Our extract is designed to meet the demands of both homebrewers and commercial breweries. Benefit from its consistent quality to enhance your brewing process.

Remember, with Muntons Wheat Malt Extract, you can elevate the quality of your wheat beers, ensuring a rich and satisfying brew every time. Experience the difference that premium ingredients make in your brewing endeavours.


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