Chardonnay | 12.5% Medium/Heavy-Bodied White Winemaking Kit (10 L | 2.64 gal)

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Elevate Your Winemaking Journey with Our Exquisite Chardonnay Kit – a Symphony of Flavor and Sophistication!

Craft Your Elegant Chardonnay with Ease!

Experience Chardonnay's refined taste and sophisticated notes with our top-notch winemaking kit. Embodying a medium/heavy body and charming 12.5% Potential Alcohol By Volume (PABV), this kit offers a harmonious symphony of flavors that wine enthusiasts will adore. Create 23 liters (6 US gallons) of superior Chardonnay, and savor the soft, fruity notes and captivating body that bring forth a unique moment of elegance with every sip. Proudly made in Canada, this kit is a treasure for those who seek a refined and premium wine experience.

Tasting Notes:

  • Sweetness: Medium
  • Acidity: Balanced
  • Tannin: Soft
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Body: Medium/Heavy

Key Features:

  • Optimal PABV: Achieves a balanced and delightful 12.5%.
  • Comprehensive Volume: Produces 23 liters (6 US gallons) of premium Chardonnay.
  • Quick Craft Time: Ready in just four weeks.
  • Pristine Packaging: Ensured quality with packaging in aseptic clean rooms.
  • All-Inclusive Kit: Includes Wine Base, Yeast, Bentonite, Sulphite/Sorbate, and Fining Agents.

Please note that equipment and supplies are sold separately.


  • Q: What is the aging potential of the Chardonnay made from this kit?
    A: The Chardonnay has excellent aging potential, evolving gracefully over time.

  • Q: Can the winemaking process be customized to individual preferences?
    A: Yes! The kit allows flexibility and experimentation to achieve your desired taste profile.

  • Q: Is this winemaking kit beginner-friendly?
    A: Absolutely! The kit provides clear instructions and essential ingredients, making the process simple for beginners.

  • Q: What food pairs best with the Chardonnay from this kit?
    A: Chardonnay complements a variety of dishes, including seafood, poultry, creamy pasta, and soft cheeses, promising a delightful pairing experience.

Unveil the elegance of Chardonnay with this exquisite winemaking kit, perfect for every occasion. Relish in the soft and fruity notes of this medium/heavy-bodied white wine, creating moments of elegance and sophistication in the comfort of your home. Whether a novice or a seasoned connoisseur, this kit promises a premium and enriching wine-crafting experience, allowing you to savor the timeless elegance of Chardonnay, proudly crafted in Canada. 

every kit makes up to
 30 bottles of wine
make wine for less than $3 a bottle
award winning 
flavours in every kit
customize your batch with our unique flavours + enhancers

About This Wine

Popular Wines Made From Chardonnay Varietal Grapes:

  • Chablis
  • Champagne
  • Pinot Blanc
  • Pinot Chardonnay
  • Melon Blanc
  • Rousseau Blanc

Chardonnay was born in the Burgundy region of France, where it is known as White Burgundy, and it was there that the wine gained great acclaim for its elegance.

Taste: Pure and crisp with subtle aromas and flavors ranging from green and citrus fruits in cooler regions (apple, pear and lime), to stone fruits in moderate regions (apricot and peach) and tropical fruits in warmer regions (banana and pineapple), along with well defined mineral notes.

Dry / Sweet: Dry

Acidity: Medium to high

Age: Most are best drunk young, but better quality wines need a few years and the finest quality require several years to fully

Grape juice concentrate (preserved with sulphur dioxide), liquid invert sugar, tartaric acid, malic acid, citric acid, tanin, ascorbic acid. Additives (included in Wine Kit) Packet A: Bentonite, Packet B: Potassium Metabisulphite, Packet C: Potassium Sorbate, Packet D: Clearing Agent (kieselsol/chitosane), Packet of Yeast.

Wine-making in 4 easy steps

Mix the 
Juice & Yeast
for 28 Days
Add Degas 
& Clarifiers
& Enjoy

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Jeff Z.
United States United States

As always, great service and product

Karen J.
United States United States


I have made quite a number of wine kits over the years. These are great. Everything you need in the box and simple instructions, all delivered to my front door!! looking forward to the taste test in 4 weeks!

Robin H.
United States United States

Great wine

I've been making wine for many years using wine kits and when comparing the from top wine kit makers to yours, I have to say your wine was much smoother drinking I will definitely be ordering from wine lovers again in the future.

Doreen A.
Canada Canada

just received it few days ago

Item looks very good so far ... soon I will be making some wine :)