Gewurztraminer | 13.5% Heavy-Bodied White Winemaking Kit (16 L | 4.22 gal)

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Savor the Exotic: Gewurztraminer Heavy-Bodied White Winemaking Kit

Indulge in Aromatic Elegance with Our Gewurztraminer Kit 

Craft enthusiasts, prepare for an aromatic journey with our Gewurztraminer 13.5% Heavy-Bodied White Winemaking Kit. This all-encompassing kit is your ticket to a wine that embodies the semi-dry, fragrant essence of the renowned Gewurztraminer grape. With a potential alcohol by volume of 13.5% and a crafting time of six weeks, you'll yield 23 liters of opulent wine in taste and aroma.

Tasting Notes:

  • Sweetness: Semi-dry, offering a subtle, refined, and inviting sweetness.
  • Acidity: Crisp, providing a refreshing counterbalance to the sweetness.
  • Tannin: Non-existent, allowing the purity of the fruit to dominate.
  • Alcohol: A generous 13.5% PABV for a bold and satisfying wine.
  • Body: Heavy, ensuring a rich and lasting finish.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Gewurztraminer Profile: Captures the grape's spicy and floral characteristics.
  • Extended Crafting Period: A six-week journey to perfection.
  • Abundant Quantity: Produces the equivalent of over 30 bottles of wine.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes everything from the wine base to fining agents.
  • Canadian Craftsmanship: Assembled with precision in Canada, guaranteeing excellence.


Q: What style of wine will I create with this kit? A: A heavy-bodied white wine reminiscent of classic Gewurztraminer.

Q: How many bottles can I fill with this kit? A: It makes 23 liters, ideal for building your collection or hosting.

Q: Is this kit suitable for those new to winemaking? A: It's user-friendly, with clear instructions for enthusiasts at any skill level.

Q: What flavors can I expect from a Gewurztraminer? A: Anticipate a bouquet of lychee, rose petals, and a hint of spice, characteristic of the varietal.

Q: Can this wine be paired with food? A: Its semi-dry nature complements a wide range of dishes, predominantly Asian and spicy.

Q: Where is Gewurztraminer traditionally from? A: While this kit is crafted in Canada, Gewurztraminer has roots in Alsace and Germany, with notable production in Austria and parts of the US.

Embark on a winemaking voyage with our Gewurztraminer kit and delight in creating a wine that's as rich in tradition as it is in taste. Perfect for the craft winemaker seeking to explore the depths of this aromatic varietal.

every kit makes up to
 30 bottles of wine
make wine for less than $3 a bottle
award winning 
flavours in every kit
customize your batch with our unique flavours + enhancers

About This Wine

Popular Wines Made From Gewürztraminer Varietal Grapes:

  • Frencher
  • Klaebinger
  • Livora
  • Rothweiner
  • Traminer

These wines are usually considered semi-dry, so they are a bit sweet, but that also makes them much lower in alcohol than your usual wine.

Alsace and Germany are still the most prominent regions that produce Gewürztraminer, but you can also commonly find it from countries such as Austria and regions in the US such as Washington, Oregon, and California.

Taste: Intense and complex perfume of rose petals, lavender, lychees and Turkish delight with a musky spiciness.

Dry / Sweet: Dry, off-dry, medium-dry or sweet.

Acidity: Low

Age: Drink while young and fresh.

Grape juice concentrate (preserved with sulphur dioxide), liquid invert sugar, tartaric acid, malic acid, citric acid, tanin, ascorbic acid. Additives (included in Wine Kit) Packet A: Bentonite, Packet B: Potassium Metabisulphite, Packet C: Potassium Sorbate, Packet D: Clearing Agent (kieselsol/chitosane), Packet of Yeast.

Wine-making in 4 easy steps

Mix the 
Juice & Yeast
for 28 Days
Add Degas 
& Clarifiers
& Enjoy

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