Connoisseurs Range Yorkshire Bitter Kit Authentic Brewing (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

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Discover the Authenticity of Yorkshire's Brewing Legacy with Connoisseurs Range Yorkshire Bitter Kit

Brew the Heart of Yorkshire in Every Sip

Embark on a journey through the rich brewing heritage of Yorkshire's North East England region with the Connoisseurs Range Yorkshire Bitter Kit. This classic brew embodies the essence of Yorkshire's brewing traditions, offering a deep amber beer with a smooth and approachable profile. Carefully crafted, this kit provides a generous brewing volume of 23 liters or 40 pints, ensuring an ample supply of Yorkshire Bitter for you to savor and share with fellow beer aficionados.

Indulge in the time-honored art of Yorkshire brewing with the Connoisseurs Range Yorkshire Bitter Kit. Crafted to capture the distinctive character of North East England's classic brews, this kit offers a visual masterpiece as a deep amber beer, showcasing its rich and robust nature. With gentle hop notes and a medium malt presence, this well-balanced beer offers a satisfying taste profile. An approximate ABV of 4.6% strikes the perfect equilibrium between flavor and drinkability, making Yorkshire Bitter a versatile and enjoyable brew. The kit yields an abundance of Yorkshire Bitter, providing you with 66 bottles or 23 liters of flavourful beer to share and savor at your own pace. Crafted in Europe, it assures the highest quality, adhering to brewing traditions and delivering the authentic flavors of Yorkshire Bitter. The precise OG range of 1040° to 1044° underscores meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a well-balanced and authentic Yorkshire Bitter experience.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Yorkshire Brew: Immerse yourself in the flavors of North East England with a Yorkshire Bitter beer kit that captures the essence of the region's classic brews.
  • Deep Amber Color: Admire the visually appealing deep amber hue of this Yorkshire Bitter, a testament to its rich and robust character.
  • Low Hop Levels and Medium Malt Composition: Experience a well-balanced beer with gentle hop notes and a medium malt presence, harmonizing flavors for a satisfying taste profile.
  • Approximate ABV of 4.6%: Savour the perfect balance of flavor and drinkability, making this Yorkshire Bitter versatile and enjoyable.
  • 23 Liters Yield: Enjoy an abundance of Yorkshire Bitter with this kit, providing you with 66 bottles or 23 liters to share and savor.
  • Crafted in Europe: Relish the assurance of a high-quality European product that honors brewing traditions and delivers authentic Yorkshire Bitter flavors.
  • Original Gravity (OG) Range: Appreciate meticulous attention to detail with the precise OG range, resulting in a well-balanced and authentic Yorkshire Bitter experience.

Product Benefits:

  • Classic Yorkshire Flavor: Delight in the rich and distinctive flavors of Yorkshire Bitter, capturing the essence of North East England's brewing legacy.
  • Perfect for Sharing and Enjoyment: Whether hosting a gathering or unwinding after a long day, this kit provides ample quantity for multiple occasions of sharing and enjoyment.
  • Crafted for Beer Enthusiasts: Designed for discerning beer lovers, this kit caters to those who appreciate the depth and complexity of classic Yorkshire Bitter, ensuring a rewarding brewing experience.
  • Product of Europe: Enjoy the assurance of a high-quality European product, symbolizing excellence and dedication to brewing traditions honed over generations.


Q: How long does the fermentation process typically take for Yorkshire Bitter?

A: The fermentation process for Yorkshire Bitter typically takes 7 to 10 days. Monitoring specific gravity readings and ensuring fermentation is complete before proceeding with the brewing process is crucial.

Q: Can I customize the hop levels and malt composition of Yorkshire Bitter?

A: Yes, the Yorkshire Bitter Kit provides a balanced recipe, but brewing allows room for customization. Experiment with additional hops or malts to achieve your preferred flavor profile.

Q: Can I carbonate Yorkshire Bitter naturally or use forced carbonation methods?

A: The Yorkshire Bitter kit includes instructions for natural carbonation using priming sugar. However, you can adapt the process to your preferences, including forced carbonation methods like kegging or carbonation tablets.

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