Tannisol Preservative Powder 10 per Pack (10 g | 3/8 oz)

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Ensure Wine Excellence with Tannisol Preservative Powder

Preserve and Protect with Tannisol

Our pack of Tannisol Preservative Powder, containing ten sachets of 10 g (3/8 oz) each, hails from Italy and is expertly formulated to safeguard your wine and juice. It provides comprehensive protection against faults and oxidation, ensuring your beverages maintain their quality, aroma, and appearance throughout various stages, including racking, transportation, and storage.

Key Features:

  • Pack Size: Contains ten individual sachets, easy to use for batch applications.

  • Antiseptic Qualities: Offers protection against acetic bacteria and ropiness.

  • Antioxidant Properties: Shields wine from oxidation effects like browning and aroma loss.

  • Versatile Application: Suitable for must, red, white, and sweet wines with specific dosage guidelines.

  • Premium Composition: Made with 95% potassium metabisulfite, 3% L-ascorbic acid, and 2% tannin for a balanced protective effect.

  • Italian Quality: A premium product crafted in Italy, known for its winemaking heritage.


  • Q: How do I use Tannisol in winemaking? A: Dissolve the recommended amount in water or wine and add it evenly to the must or wine.

  • Q: What dosages of Tannisol are recommended? A: Use 10g/hL for must and red wine as a preventive measure, 20g/hL for white wine as a curative measure, and 30g/hL for sweet wines.

  • Q: Can Tannisol be used for both prevention and cure? A: It's effective as a preventative and curative preservative, depending on the wine type and condition.

  • Q: Where should I store Tannisol? A: Keep it in its original sealed packaging in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area.

  • Q: What makes up Tannisol's formula? A: It comprises potassium metabisulfite for preservation, L-ascorbic acid as an antioxidant, and tannin for stabilization and flavor.

Equip your winemaking arsenal with our Italian-made Tannisol Preservative Powder to ensure your wine stands the test of time and conditions. This carefully balanced blend is designed to keep your wine at its best, from fermentation to the final glass.

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