Rye Whisky Essence (50 ml | 1.69 oz)

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Master the Art of Homebrew with Rye Whisky Essence

Your Shortcut to Crafting Authentic-Tasting Rye Whisky at Home

Rye Whisky Essence, a 50 ml (1.69 fl. oz.) flavor concentrate meticulously crafted for homebrewing and craft-making aficionados. Infuse neutral alcohols or other liquids with this essence to create a homemade rye whisky that rivals well-known brands.

Key Features

  • Highly Concentrated: Yields up to 1 L of 28% ABV rye whisky liqueur.

  • User-Friendly: Compatible with 40% ABV alcohol and Pure Brewers Alcobase.

  • Premium Ingredients: Formulated with glucose syrup, flavorings, glycerine, and water.

  • Allergen Info: Contains derivatives of cereals containing gluten and sulfites.

  • Straightforward Guidelines: Easy-to-follow mixing instructions for desired results.


Q: How do I mix the essence with 40% ABV alcohol?
A: Blend 695 ml of 40% ABV alcohol and 240 g of white granulated sugar in a 1 L bottle. Add the essence and mix it with approximately 105 ml of cold water. Shake well to achieve a 28% ABV rye whisky liqueur.

Q: Can I use Crafted Series Turbo Yeast Alcobase for mixing? 
A: Certainly. Follow the guidelines included to produce a 19% ABV rye whisky liqueur.

Q: What ingredients are in the Rye Whisky Essence?
A: The essence contains glucose syrup, flavorings, glycerine, water, and caramel color.

Q: Are there allergens in this product?
A: Yes, it contains derivatives of cereals with gluten and sulfites.

Q: Can this essence be used for cooking?
A: Absolutely, the essence is versatile and can be utilized in various culinary applications.

Q: How much rye whisky liqueur can one bottle make?
A: A single bottle can produce up to 1 L of rye whisky liqueur, depending on your choice of alcohol base.

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately. Products are packed in Canada.

Why Opt for Rye Whisky Essence?

For those who take homebrewing seriously, Rye Whisky Essence offers a shortcut to authentic taste and aroma. Whether crafting liqueurs or cooking up a storm, this essence provides the rye whisky flavor you crave without complications.

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