5 Bag-in-Box Bags (20 L | 5.2 gal)

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5 Bag-in-Box Bags (20 L | 5.2 gal): Superior Storage for Bulk Beverages

Canadian-made, Eco-Conscious Packaging for Extended Freshness

Expand your beverage storage solutions with our pack of 5 Bag-in-Box Bags, each boasting a substantial capacity of 20 liters (5.2 US gallons). These bags are innovatively designed as a single-use packaging system, ideal for extending the shelf life of various liquids, including wine, cider, and other alcoholic products. Crafted to ensure the liquid inside stays fresh and uncontaminated by external air, these bags are a game-changer for commercial beverage providers. The food-safe design makes them suitable for storing and dispensing all non-carbonated drinks. Featuring a tamper-evident original tap, these bags allow easy and secure dispensing, preventing air from entering during use. Emphasizing environmental responsibility, these bags offer significant waste reduction and a lightweight design, boasting an 80% lower carbon footprint than traditional 75 cl glass bottles. Proudly produced in Canada, these bags represent a blend of quality, innovation, and sustainability in beverage packaging.

Key Features:

  • Large Volume Storage: Each bag holds 20 liters, which is ideal for commercial use and bulk storage.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Keeps contents fresh and high-quality for several weeks after opening.
  • Eco-Friendly Benefits: Reduces waste and has a lower carbon footprint than glass bottles.
  • Food Safe Material: Perfect for all non-carbonated beverages.
  • Secure Dispensing: Features a tamper-evident tap for safe and easy use.
  • Canadian Craftsmanship: Reflects a commitment to innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.


Q: What types of liquids are these bags best suited for? A: They are ideal for non-carbonated drinks such as wines, ciders, and other alcoholic beverages.

Q: How does the bag-in-box system preserve the liquid’s freshness? A: The design prevents external air contamination, maintaining the beverage's freshness and quality for an extended period.

Q: Are these bags environmentally friendly? A: They significantly reduce waste and have a much lower carbon footprint than glass bottles.

Q: Is the dispensing tap easy to use and secure? A: The tamper-evident tap ensures secure and straightforward dispensing, maintaining the integrity of the contents.

Q: What is the importance of being produced in Canada? A: This indicates that the bags are made to high standards of quality, with a focus on innovative, eco-friendly solutions.

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