Ascorbic Acid (30 g | 1 oz)

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Precision Antioxidant: 30 g Ascorbic Acid for Winemaking

Small Batch Freshness: Ascorbic Acid for Optimal Wine Preservation

Our 30 g (1 oz) packet of Ascorbic Acid caters to home winemakers and small-batch vintners, offering a powerful antioxidant to protect white wines from oxidation during critical phases such as racking and bottling. This quick-acting substance efficiently converts dissolved oxygen into hydrogen peroxide, thwarting the oxidative enzymes that can cause browning and spoilage. For precise application, stir the recommended amount directly into the wine just prior to bottling, ensuring each bottle maintains its intended clarity and flavor.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for Home Use: Perfectly portioned for small-batch winemaking.

  • Effective Protection: Acts swiftly to prevent oxidative damage to wine.

  • Easy to Integrate: Simple direct addition to wine for immediate results.

  • Controlled Dosage: Dosage recommendations are provided to maintain the wine's balance.


Q: How do I store ascorbic acid? A: Keep it in a cool, dry place away from light and moisture to preserve its potency.

Q: Can ascorbic acid be used for red wines as well? A: While less common, it can be used if oxidation is a concern, but the impact on red wines should be considered carefully.

Q: Is this ascorbic acid suitable for organic winemaking? A: Check with your organic certification requirements, as stipulations vary.

Leverage our Ascorbic Acid in your winemaking process for assured preservation and enhancement of your white wines. This product, made in the USA, is a critical tool for those dedicated to crafting quality wines in smaller quantities.

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