6 Years + | 1000 Diamond Cork #9 Long (45 mm x 24 mm | 1 3/4 in x 1.31 in)

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Diamond Cork #9 Long: Pioneering Superior Wine Aging

Experience the Pinnacle of Portuguese Craftsmanship for Long-Term Wine Preservation

Introducing the Diamond Natural Cork #9 Long, a masterpiece of Portuguese craftsmanship, specifically designed for the preservation and protection of fine wines aged for six years or more. These 100% natural cork stoppers are the epitome of quality and sustainability, chosen by wine connoisseurs for their unparalleled ability to support the complex evolution of wine. Each stopper is a singular piece of art, meticulously harvested and technologically refined, ensuring your wine matures gracefully, developing its full potential for a superior tasting experience.

Key Features:

  • Generously Proportioned: Measures 45 mm x 24 mm (1 3/4 in x 1.31 in), providing a robust seal for various bottle sizes.
  • Single-Strip Construction: Crafted from a single piece of natural cork for consistent quality and performance.
  • Designed for Extended Maturation: Optimally tailored for wines that mature over a six-year period.
  • Cutting-Edge Sealing Techniques: A fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology for unparalleled sealing.
  • Signature of Portuguese Excellence: Showcases the esteemed heritage and quality of Portuguese cork-making.


Q: What makes Diamond Cork #9 Long ideal for long-term aging? A: Its single-strip natural cork construction offers a superior seal, essential for the proper maturation of wines over extended periods.

Q: Can these corks fit all types of wine bottles? A: Yes, their universal dimensions ensure a perfect fit and seal for a wide array of wine bottles.

Q: How does advanced technology enhance these corks' performance? A: State-of-the-art technology fortifies the cork's structural integrity, which is crucial for preserving the wine's character as it ages.

Q: Are Diamond Natural Corks environmentally sustainable? A:, being crafted from 100% natural cork, they embody renewable and eco-friendly practices.

Q: Why is Portuguese cork regarded as superior for wine sealing? A: Portugal's reputation for high-quality cork production is unmatched, with corks renowned for their durability and exceptional sealing properties.

Q: What benefits does a single-strip cork provide? A: Single-strip corks ensure uniform quality and density, offering a reliable seal that maintains the wine’s integrity throughout its aging process. 

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