2+ Years | Nova Cork #7 Short 100 per Pack (38 mm x 21 mm | 1.5 in x0.81 in)

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Nova Cork #7 Short | Optimal Short-Term Aging with Advanced Technology

Preserve Your Craft with Precision and Affordability

Crafted for wines intended for consumption within two years, the Nova Cork #7 Short stopper is a Brew on Premise essential. These stoppers are constructed from agglomerated cork and other advanced agglomerative materials, offering a perfect solution for wines enjoyed sooner rather than later. Combining affordability with performance, these corks are produced using the latest technology, ensuring your wine's character is maintained with a reliable seal. The technical specifications, including density and water absorption rates, ensure the cork performs consistently, offering a superior wine preservation experience.

Key Features:

  • Ideal Size: 38 mm long and 21 mm in diameter, tailored for standard bottles.
  • Agglomerated Cork Body: Offers a cost-effective sealing solution.
  • Short-Term Aging: Designed specifically for wines consumed within two years.
  • Technologically Crafted: Utilizes the latest in cork production for optimal performance.
  • High Recovery Rate: Maintains 96% dimension recovery for enduring seal integrity.


Q: Is Nova Cork #7 Short suitable for all types of wines? A: It's especially ideal for wines intended for earlier consumption, typically within two years.

Q: How does the agglomerated material benefit the wine's preservation? A: It provides a consistent seal that protects the wine from oxidation and contamination, which is crucial for maintaining quality in the short term.

Q: What does the compression force specification indicate? A: It shows the cork's ability to withstand the pressure and maintain a tight seal, ensuring the wine bottle remains securely closed.

Q: Can these corks be used for homemade wines? A: They are perfect for home winemaking, offering a reliable seal for Brew on Premise enthusiasts.

Q: Why choose a product made in Portugal for wine stoppers? A: Portugal is known for its cork production excellence, which guarantees a high-quality product in terms of material and manufacturing processes.

Q: Are Nova Cork stoppers an environmentally friendly option? A: Agglomerated corks are made from cork particles, making them more sustainable than synthetic alternatives.

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