5 Years + | 1000 One + One Cork #9 Short (38 mm x 24 mm | 1.5 in x 1.31 in)

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One + One Cork #9 Short: Mastering the Art of Wine Aging 

Innovative Portuguese Craftsmanship for Wines Maturing Beyond Five Years

Discover the pinnacle of wine-stopper technology with the One + One Cork #9 Short, crafted for wines that mature to their full potential after five or more years. This cork stopper represents a harmonious blend of traditional aesthetics and modern sealing technology. Each cork features an agglomerated body for a secure seal, complemented by natural cork discs at both ends, adding a touch of classic elegance. Ideal for the forward-thinking winemaker, this stopper exemplifies Portuguese innovation and commitment to sustainable wine preservation.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly Sized: 38 mm in length and 24 mm in diameter, ideal for a range of bottle types.
  • Dual-Technology Design: Combines the strength of an agglomerated body with the natural appeal of cork ends.
  • Tailored for Extended Aging: Specifically designed to support wines through a five-year maturation process.
  • Advanced Sealing Performance: Modern techniques enhance the reliability and effectiveness of the seal.
  • Sustainable and Efficient: Proudly produced in Portugal, reflecting eco-friendly practices without compromising quality.


Q: How does the One + One Cork #9 Short benefit long-term wine aging? A: Its innovative construction ensures a durable seal, essential for the optimal aging of wines over five years.

Q: Is this cork also suitable for wines with shorter aging periods? A:, while ideal for more extended aging, it also enhances the quality of wines with shorter shelf lives.

Q: What makes the combination of materials in the One + One Cork advantageous for winemakers? A: This design provides a robust seal needed for preservation while upholding the traditional aesthetic valued in the wine industry.

Q: Why is sustainability emphasized in the One + One Cork? A: Emphasizing sustainability reflects our dedication to eco-responsible winemaking, ensuring high quality without environmental detriment.

Q: Does the compact size of the cork impact its sealing ability? A: No, the One + One Cork #9 Short is expertly designed to provide a flawless seal despite its shorter length.

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