Plastic Top Semi-Synthetic Pack of 100 (25 mm x 18 mm | 1 in x 1.06 in)

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Nova Cork Stopper Semi-Synthetic | Advanced Seal for Beverages Aged 2+ Years

Innovative Closure Technology for the Modern Connoisseur

The Nova Cork Stopper Semi-Synthetic represents the fusion of modern innovation and classic design. Crafted in Portugal, this stopper is 25 mm long and 18 mm in diameter, sized perfectly for wine and spirits bottles. The semi-synthetic construction is a breakthrough in closure technology, offering the traditional look and feel of natural cork combined with the advanced benefits of synthetic materials. Ideal for beverages intended for two years of maturation or more, this stopper guarantees a secure seal without the risk of TCA contamination, embodying the essence of both safety and quality.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Sizing: At 25 mm by 18 mm, it fits a wide range of bottles.
  • Semi-synthetic Material: Offers superior sealing and durability.
  • Two-Year Plus Aging: Designed for beverages that mature over time.
  • Cutting-Edge Production: Made with the latest technology for the highest quality.
  • TCA Contamination Prevention: Eliminates the risk associated with natural cork.


Q: What makes the Nova Cork Stopper Semi-Synthetic suitable for aging beverages? A: Its semi-synthetic material provides a consistent, high-quality seal that is essential for the proper maturation of beverages over a period of two years or more.

Q: Can this stopper be used for both wine and spirits? A: Yes, its versatile design and optimal sealing properties make it suitable for a variety of bottled beverages.

Q: How does the semi-synthetic material benefit the sealing process? A: It combines the aesthetic appeal of natural cork with the reliability and safety of synthetic materials, reducing the risk of contamination and spoilage.

Q: What is the significance of TCA contamination prevention? A: TCA (trichloroanisole) is a chemical compound that can cause off-flavors in beverages. This stopper's design prevents TCA contamination, ensuring the beverage's taste remains unaffected.

Q: Why is Portuguese production a mark of quality for this stopper? A: Portugal is renowned for its cork production, and this expertise extends to its semi-synthetic stoppers, which are produced with high standards of quality and innovation.

Q: Is the Nova Cork Stopper environmentally friendly? A: While the focus is on performance and safety, semi-synthetic materials often incorporate eco-friendly practices in their production, aligning with modern sustainability standards.

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