Plastic Funnel (18 cm | 7.09 in)

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Plastic Funnel - Efficient, Spill-Free Transferring Tool

Transform your pouring and transferring tasks with the Plastic Funnel, an indispensable accessory for any kitchen or laboratory setting. Made in Canada, this funnel features an 18 cm (7.09 inches) diameter, constructed from sturdy white plastic. It's specifically designed to facilitate spill-free transfers of liquids and powders, ensuring a tidy workspace. Whether you're handling food ingredients or lab substances, this funnel offers precision and cleanliness in every use.

Key Features:

  • Durable White Plastic: Robust construction for long-lasting use.
  • Spill-Free Design: Expertly crafted to prevent spills and maintain cleanliness.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for liquids and powders, adaptable to various container sizes.
  • Controlled Flow: Designed to regulate the flow for consistent, precise transfers.
  • Generous Size: 18 cm (7.09 inches) diameter suitable for various tasks.
  • Easy to Clean: Hassle-free maintenance for continued efficiency.


Q: Can this funnel handle hot substances? A: It's best used with room temperature or slightly warm substances to maintain the integrity of the plastic.

Q: Is it suitable for transferring oils or acidic liquids? A: Its robust plastic construction can handle oils and mildly acidic liquids.

Q: How do I clean the funnel? A: Simple rinsing with water is sufficient, or you can use soapy water for more thorough cleaning.

Q: Is this funnel appropriate for small-bottled transfers? A: Its design is versatile enough to fit various container sizes, including smaller bottles.

Q: Can it be used for both cooking and laboratory purposes? A: Absolutely, its quality construction makes it suitable for diverse environments.

Incorporate the Plastic Funnel into your daily routine for efficient, neat, and controlled transfers. Its reliable Canadian design ensures durability and practicality in culinary and laboratory settings.

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