Plastic Container Small Tap (19mm | 3/4 in)

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Plastic Container Small Tap - Efficient and Convenient Liquid Transfer

Introducing the Small 3/4" Plastic Container Tap 28E, an efficient solution for liquid transfer in brewing and winemaking. This European-made tap is crafted from food-grade PP plastic, ensuring a non-toxic, tasteless, and heat-resistant experience. Its simple yet robust construction transforms any standard bucket into a convenient dispensing vessel, eliminating the need for a siphon during transfers.

Key Features:

  • Food-Grade Material: Made from non-toxic and tasteless PP plastic.
  • Heat Resistant: Can withstand various temperatures during brewing processes.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with two gaskets and a nut for straightforward fitting.
  • Smooth Operation: The spigot pivots effortlessly, allowing for easy liquid dispensing.
  • Simple Cleaning: Designed for hassle-free maintenance and cleaning.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for wine and beer making, offering a practical liquid transfer solution.


Q: How easy is installing the Small Tap on a container? A: The installation is straightforward. Fit the tap into a 3/4" hole, secure it with the provided gaskets and nut, and it's ready to use.

Q: Can this tap handle hot liquids? A: Yes, the heat-resistant properties of the PP plastic make it suitable for various temperatures encountered in brewing.

Q: Is the material safe for brewing and winemaking? A: Absolutely! The food-grade PP plastic ensures that it's non-toxic and tasteless, maintaining the quality of your brew.

Q: Can this tap be used on any container? A: It's designed for any container with a compatible 3/4" hole, making it versatile for different brewing setups.

Q: How do I clean the tap after use? A: Its simplistic design allows for easy cleaning. Disassemble and rinse with warm, soapy water.

Enhance your brewing and winemaking with the convenience of the Small 3/4" Plastic Container Tap 28E. Its robust design, ease of use, and food-grade material make it an essential tool for efficient and safe liquid transfer. Proudly made in Europe, it ensures quality and reliability in every use.

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