Merlot | One-Gallon All in One Winemaking Starter Kit

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Elevate Your Winemaking Craft

The Merlot All-in-One Premium Starter Set is a splendid choice for novice and seasoned craft winemakers. This comprehensive kit is designed to simplify crafting one gallon of exquisite wine, making it an ideal selection for those passionate about winemaking from kits.

Key Features:

  • Plastic Wide Mouth Carboy with Spigot (4.1 L | 1 Gallon): Ensures easy filling, monitoring, and dispensing.
  • 1 L Winemaking Kit: Contains high-quality ingredients for crafting Merlot.
  • Complete Add Pack: Provides all the necessary additives to perfect your wine. Wine Starter Pak F: Includes Bentonite and Wine Yeast, Wine Stopper Pak G: includes Potassium Sulphite and Potassium Sorbate, Wine Clearing: Additive Pak H: Kieselso and Additive Pak I: Chitosan 
  • Bag-in-Box Bags (5 L | 1.32 US gal): Offers convenient storage and easy dispensing.
  • Wine Dispensing Box:  Full-color dispensing box. The box shown in the picture may differ from the actual product.
  • Air Lock 3 pc: Essential for proper fermentation by allowing gases to escape while preventing air entry.
  • Grommet: Secures the airlock, ensuring an airtight fermentation environment.
  • D Bag - Racking Bag

Tasting Notes:

  • Sweetness: Delicately sweet, enhancing the robust flavors of Merlot.
  • Acidity: Well-balanced, adding a refreshing sharpness to each sip.
  • Tannin: Moderate, contributing to the wine’s structure and longevity.
  • Alcohol: Expected to reach around 12%, perfectly aligning with the style.
  • Body: Full-bodied, providing a rich and engaging mouthfeel.


  • Q: How does the spigot on the carboy enhance the winemaking process? A: The spigot makes transferring and bottling your wine cleaner and more efficient, reducing spillage and waste.

  • Q: What should I expect from the Complete Add Pack included in the kit? A: The add-pack contains all essential additives to enhance your wine's flavor, stability, and longevity.

  • Q: Can I make other types of wine with this equipment? A: Absolutely; the equipment is versatile and can be used to make various types of wine, provided you have the right ingredients.

  • Q: How long does the fermentation process take with this kit? A: Fermentation typically completes within 14 to 30 days, depending on conditions and desired wine characteristics.

  • Q: Is there a guide included with the kit for beginners? A: Yes, the kit includes a comprehensive guide to walk you through each step of the winemaking process.

  • Q: Are the Bag-in-Box Bags reusable? A: For best results and hygiene, we recommend using new bags for each batch of wine.

The Merlot All-in-One Premium Starter Set is your gateway to mastering the art of craft winemaking. Whether crafting your first batch or honing your winemaking skills, this kit provides the tools and ingredients needed for a rewarding winemaking experience. 

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