Plastic Top Corks #8 Pack of 100 (25 mm x 20mm | 0.98 in x 0.78 in)

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Plastic Top Corks #8 | Quick-Seal Solution for Short-Term Storage

Effortless Sealing for Immediate to Biennial Beverage Enjoyment

Plastic Top Corks #8 offer a practical and cost-effective sealing option for your bottling needs, especially suited for liquids intended for consumption within the next two years. At 25 mm in length and 20 mm in diameter, these corks are crafted for easy insertion, creating a tight seal that effectively minimizes moisture intrusion. Produced in Portugal, known for its cork industry expertise, these corks ensure that once your bottles are sealed, they maintain their integrity best when stored upright under controlled temperature and humidity. This pack of 100 is ideal for small-scale producers or personal use, combining functionality with the convenience of a plastic top.

Key Features:

  • Sized for Versatility: Fits a broad range of bottles with its 25 mm by 20 mm dimensions.
  • Quick Insertion Design: Streamlines the bottling process with ease.
  • Short-Term Use Optimized: Ideal for consumption of bottled contents from 0 to 2 years.
  • Moisture Control: Helps maintain the quality of your beverages.
  • Ideal Storage Conditions: Recommended upright storage at 15-20°C and 50-70% humidity.
  • Portuguese Quality Assurance: Reflecting a tradition of excellence in cork production.


Q: Can these corks be used for any type of liquid? A: Yes, they are suitable for a wide range of still liquids including wine, spirits, oils, and vinegars.

Q: Are Plastic Top Corks #8 reusable? A: While they are designed for single-use to guarantee the best seal, they may be repurposed for non-critical sealing where a perfect seal is not essential.

Q: How does the plastic top benefit the bottling experience? A: The plastic top provides a convenient grip for corking and uncorking, and adds a neat appearance to the bottled product.

Q: Should these corks be used for long-term aging of wine? A: They are intended for wines and spirits that will be consumed within two years, and may not be the best option for long-term aging which requires specialized corks.

Q: Why is it important to store the bottles upright with these corks? A: Upright storage ensures that the liquid doesn't compromise the cork's integrity and prevents any potential leakage.

Q: Is the production quality of Portuguese corks reflected in this product? A: Absolutely, Portugal's longstanding reputation in cork production ensures that even their more budget-friendly options, like these Plastic Top Corks, meet a high standard of quality.

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